Leedom Helmets Announces Snowboard Team

Elijah Teter, Jamie MacLeod and Zach Diamond Signed to Pro Team

Norwood, Massachusetts (September 27, 2003) – Leedom Helmets is proud toannounce that Elijah Teter, Jamie MacLeod, and Zach Diamond have joined theLeedom Team. These athletes will be representing Leedom Helmets exclusivelyfor the 2003/2004 season.

Elijah will be focused on slopestyle and halfpipe contests this year as wellas trying to bang out a video part. He has just been named to the USSnowboard Team and will be making a push for the Olympics in 2006. He iscoming off a sick year where he took 1st at the Junior World Championshipsand 1st, 2nd and a 3rd in three Grand Prix events. Jamie is a threat totake any slopestyle she enters and is pushing progressive riding for women.She plans on spending a majority of her winter in the Hollywood Canyons ofUtah, so keep an eye out for some backcountry footage. Zach Diamond justgot a pro model on joyride and a new sled- two key possessions that willallow him to continue killing some of the heaviest rails and kickers inCalifornia. Check his segment in the new Technine video and his new companythe INFINTRY, which will be hitting around Christmas time.

“We are very excited about the athletes involved with our products thisyear,” said Matthew Hershey, Leedom Helmet’s Team Manager. “This is apivotal year with our new products, and this demonstrates Leedom’scommitment to working with progressive and focused riders and making thebest products we can with their demands in mind. One thing we haven’t toldthem about yet is our team outing, which consists of a couple 12- hour dayspacking boxes in our warehouse with a 1/2 hour lunch break. But we’re prettysure they will be pumped on that shit.”

Leedom Helmets, based out of Norwood, MA, has been creating its owninnovative helmets since 1997. Check out the rest of Leedom’s Team and thelatest products at www.leedomhelmets.com.