Leanne Pelosi : Full Moon

Leanne Pelosi is the vision behind Full Moon, and has worked tirelessly on putting together this incredible film, with such unique riders. Through it all, she's worn many hats, from producer, director, stoke ambassador and beyond--- all while also filming her own full part. Photo: Ben Girardi
Pemberton, B.C. | Photo: Colin Adair
Whistler Backcountry | Photo: Ben Girardi
Alaska 2016 | Photo: Ben Girardi
Always pursuing a unique vision. | Photo: Jussi Grznar

Considered one of the most well-rounded riders in women's snowboarding, Leanne has been at the forefront of the sport for the entirety of her career as a pro. She is a powerhouse to say the least and has proven so with her many accolades including TransWorld SNOWboarding esteemed Female Rider Of the Year Award, TransWorld Reader’s Choice Award and her appearance on the 2014 ESPN’s Top 50 Women of Action Sports list.  With over 10 video parts in Standard Films, Misschief, P.S., along with the two Runway Films movies she has produced, Leanne is at it again. She is the woman behind producing and directing Full Moon.

In her down time, (which she'll have more of once Full Moon premieres) you might find her in Oregon at High Cascade Snowboard Camp as a signature session’er, exploring the west coast, and camping in her BigFoot camper with fiancé Jeff Keenan and their dog, Keita. Leanne is also an active member on the Rider’s Alliance for Protect Our Winters, the leading advocacy group for the winter sports community in the movement against climate change.

Leanne on snowboarding and life:

I grew up scouring the pages of snowboard magazines looking for girls that I could aspire to become one day.  All I wanted was some sort of proof that one day pro snowboarding could be a ‘job’ or maybe far away in my dreams, a reality. I watched snowboard movies over and over and wanted to emulate Tara Dakides’ and Barrett Christy’s every move on a snowboard.


Back then, it was few and far between having role models to see.  Fast forward to realizing my dream of snowboarding for a living, I aspired to create a dream project with a legendary crew. My intention and mission with Full Moon is to film kick-ass snowboarding and pay tribute to all the inspirations of the past, present and future. This is my way of giving back to the sport that has given so much to me. We’re all doing what we love and I hope to inspire people to do the same.

Check out the premiere dates for Full Moon here. 

“We call her "El Presidente"  and it's not because of how she looks. It's obvious to all of us that Leanne is our fearless leader and this translates into so many facets of her career thus far. Between the endless gadget collection she has with her at all times and the mountain of projects she has taken on, Leanne is truly steering our ship making sure we are recognized and represented properly and always fighting for our place in snowboarding. With her can-do business sense and ripping snowboard talent, she has led many of us through snowboarding by inspiring us all to be amazing by being amazing on the snow and in life in general.”  – Robin Van Gyn

Full Moon is a two year film project that seeks to feature the past, present and future of women’s snowboarding. Get to know the crew.