Lauri and JP Walker’s Part from People’s Cheers

Lauri Heiskari just likes to have a good time. Whether it’s on the hill, behind the lens, or donning a Sumo Suit and brawling on hockey skates with Eero Ettala, the bronzed DC Snow and People Crew rider reminds us all to not take this sh*t too seriously. From his breakout in Videogangs to his recent part in Cheers, it’s been one long, strange, and damned fun trip—and with the recent launch of his Blog site,, he’s ready to share the goods with you. Lauri Good Times: the life, videos, photos, and updates from Finnish superstar, Sun-loving SoCal transplant, David Hasselhoff fanboy, and owner of the April 2011 TransWorld SNOWboarding cover shot, Lauri David Goljat Heiskari.


But, maybe it’s better to hear it from the Bronzed Finn himself…

“I’ve been writing a column called “California Connection” for a Finnish snowboard magazine. It’s about my life in America as a snowboarder, for Finnish kids to follow and see what life could be like outside of little Finland. I finished my last column of this year a little while ago, and felt like I wanted to expand. So, I started a Blog about my life, my thoughts, and the things that interest and entertain me—those that can turn my grey day into sunshine. Obviously, it’s going to be 80% about snowboarding and my friends around it, but I wanna squeeze in some nice photos of people and places I go to as well, since I love photography, and maybe even some “Finnish sense of humor”, which I’m hoping to entertain someone out there with besides my Mom…”


DC Good Times

“Check it out, I’ll be updating it a lot and keeping it simple. My motto: simple for the simple! [Laughs] I’m not the Einstein of HTML here, but I’ll try to make it up in other things. You be the judge!—log on, enjoy, and leave your credit card information.”

Best Regards and My Apologies,

Lauri David Goljat Heiskari


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