The Skeletons Are On The Move
TransWorld’s Commemorative Photo Issue is up next.

It’s volume twenty, and TransWorld is cleaning out the closets. We’ve been digging up old shots and reuniting original crews to put together next month’s Commemorative Photo Issue.
On sale January 9, 2007, this special-edition issue features a look back at the twenty years of TransWorld SNOWboarding along with the best shots of 2006.-K.H.

Another Roadside Distraction
First week of April 1990

Following the 1990 TDK World Championships at Breckenridge, a crew of riders including Chris Karol-who’s laying into a heelside turn-stopped to shred the roadside powder on Colorado’s Loveland Pass.
This shoot with TW’s first Photo Editor Guy Motil (black jacket) and his successor, Photo Editor Jon Foster (on the car) produced shots for a feature story called “Another Roadside Distraction” as well as Mike Jacoby’s interview in the December 1990 issue.
In the background, left to right, are riders Josh Reid, Carl Fisher, and sitting, Andy Hetzel. Managing Editor Lee Crane is watching from the Suburban, and Rob Lavigne is walking next to the blue car behind Jon Foster.