Launch: To-Do … Now!

Seasons are flying by, and I’ve got a theory to explain why. Like years, each winter seems to go by faster than the one before it because it makes up a smaller percentage of your life, or life as a snowboarder, than the one before.

Check it out. When you’re ten, a year is a tenth of your life-a big chunk of your conscious memory-when seasons (like summer) seemed to last forever. By the time you’re twenty, a year is only a twentieth of your life-half as long!

The same rule applies to winter; each one becomes a shorter amount of time relative to your collective winters. Winters actually get shorter, not by the number of days on a calendar, but because of our perception of that amount of time. My twenty-second winter of snowboarding is going to seem like the blink of an eye because it’ll only be a fraction of a lifetime of winters. I’m facing a shred season that’ll go by twenty-two times faster than my first!

There is a remedy. You can’t turn back the clock, but you can slow down your perception of time-make winters longer again-by going out of your way to do something you’ve never done before. Create new memories that aren’t relative to any other memories. If you do this often enough you’ll be snowboarding forever, or at least it will seem that way.

We’ve suggested a few ways to make your season last on page 134. Cut it out and put in on the fridge or on your car’s dashboard. If all goes according to plan, there’ll be a surge in snowskate sales, increased hospital visits, and Mt. Baker, Washington will be really crowded during February.

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Kurt Hoy

Editor In Chief