If magazines were road signs, this issue would be the one outside of Salina, Utah: “No Services Next 110 Miles.”

We’re bowing out for a while-long enough to get through the summer and … did I just say “summer”? I know, the six-letter word, but I can’t stop it from coming.

If you live in the mountains, mud season is already around the corner. Corn snow will be setting up in the backcountry soon, and anyone with four wheels and gas money will be making their way to Mammoth because there’s only so much time left to get the tricks you wanted to learn during the season.

The “No Services” thing isn’t really accurate, now that I think about it. Even though it will be August before your next copy of the magazine comes in the mail, transworldsnowboarding.com will be around to get you through the hard times. Stories like “Hood Land” (page 94) should help reduce the trauma, too. And of course, there are the minas (ask a friend from Argentina) of South America and the Alps of New Zealand’s South Island-it’s always winter somewhere.

Kurt Hoy

Editor In Chief

Note: If you’re the cup-half-full type even when it comes to summer and you actually find yourself passing said road sign on that stretch of Interstate 70, you’ll be hot as hell, but you’ll only be a couple of hours from Green River and the Melon Days festival. Then again, I think the Memorial Day parade in Klamath Falls is really cool.