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Something’s The Same

TransWorld SNOWboarding is reinvented every summer. Behind closed doors we hash it out: where is snowboarding going? And, what do riders want from their magazine?So, what did we come up during the downtime of 2003? If you’re a dedicated reader, you might have noticed the cover; there hasn’t been a powder shot on the cover of TWS since February 1999. But pow turns aren’t the direction we’re taking it in. Actually, our “new direction” isn’t even new. Snowboarders have always had the ability to recognize fun.

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In This Issue

If it’s happening in snowboarding, TransWorld is there. The Video Preview story on page 100 gets you a first look at what film crews and riders worked on for an entire season. We also got JP Walker to break down his new trick-the frontside double cork-that you won’t see anywhere else. As long as you take off on your heels, you should only need a few tries.In the wake of snowboarding’s roughest season to date, the lives of two riders-favorites of two generations of snowboarders-are celebrated in this issue. Jeff Anderson’s brother Billy put together a photo timeline that you’ll find in the front of the magazine. And I asked former TWS Editor Eric Blehm to write a piece about the life of Craig Kelly (page 116). You’ll learn something about both riders and get a better feel for who they were and why they meant so much snowboarding.Swiss powder adventures, a new column with Marc Frank (maybe we’re taking this “fun” thing too seriously), and general well roundedness make up the rest of “October,” Volume 17, Number 2.