Launch – Let’s Do This

We’re back at it, kicking the hot months to the curb like a string of old girlfriends, because enough is enough, already. Nothing lasts forever … does it?

Summer’s going-away party needs a theme. It could be: “Funny Names,” based on the snowboard videos that debut next month. Our annual Video Preview on page 110 gets inside all the new releases. You especially have to see the shot of Jeremy Jones from Chulksmack-it’s heavy.

Or we could call it “My Way” and have kind of a Norse motif. In “Let The Riders Decide,” Terje Haakonsen tells the story of the Arctic Challenge-how it started and why it’s important for riders to use the influence they have over the direction of snowboarding.

That would tie in nicely to the “Damn, That’s A Big Gap, Travis” theme. Travis Rice is at the controls of a sport right now. He’s got his priorities in line and outlook in order: snowboarding always comes first. He also has a well-roundedness-in his riding and his personality-that makes him sort of a snowboard anomaly. You’ll get to know him better in the interview on page 132.

New columns have also made their way into the magazine since last volume: girls can turn to Gretchen Bleiler in Truth Or Dare. And Recall is in the game, ’cause you’ve got to know your history if you plan to repeat it.

Breakdown clears up myths and misinformation about common tricks-don’t want you shredding in the dark, know what I mean?

Halfway through the photo shoot for Ask Dr. Marco, one of the “nurses” asked, “So, are you really a doctor?”-that’s how legit MFM is. He’s back every month.

There’s plenty to celebrate, and you’ve got lots of time to get ready. Man, you could wax your board once a week until opening day and adjust your highbacks until all your knuckles are bloody and scarred.

Oh, and it’s not too early to start the mountain-town rituals that insure a good winter, like burning old boards-cloud seeding is really just air pollution, anyway.

Kurt Hoy