Launch – Fever


It’s February now, still midwinter in the mountains. Early-season dumps have become deep bases at places like Mammoth and Kirkwood, and the hurrah of spring break is only a month away.

In this issue, we’ve put together a spring break guide of sorts: events and festivals, tours, camps, and contests. If you’re in the market, it should help you to plan a memorable trip.

Of course, not everyone gets a spring break-it means about as much as “summer vacation” once you’re out of school-but I think most can relate to planning a time to get away with friends, ride, and chase the dream.

We’ve also packed this issue with options: Iceland is a surprisingly affordable five-hour flight from New York, heli-boarding in Alaska isn’t just for professional riders like Jeremy Jones, and switch nosepresses on handrails … well, maybe we’ll leave that one alone.

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See you on the chairlift,

Kurt Hoy