Launch – Act Three

I was going in a certain direction with this Launch when … pop, dammit, I’m on my back in another country thinking not about where I’m going or what I’m going to do but, what the hell just happened, and what could possibly cause that sound-from my ankle?

Hoping for a break and not a torn ligament (which takes longer to heal), I counted the weeks until winter-on just one hand. X-rays determined it’s minor, a few weeks of embarrassment in the halls of TransWorld, explaining all the time that I hurt myself doing nothing-literally. That’s how it happens, isn’t it? Just to spite you. I’ve been lucky, really. In … don’t laugh-twenty years (so I started when I was eight, man) of snowboarding, I’ve hardly been laid up. Here and there, for sure, but not like some.

Maybe everyone should get bit now and then-a little reminder that life is about actions, as simple as ratcheting a binding strap and pointing it downhill.

Man, what am I doing? Must be hopped up on some painkillers. The pit(y) stop is over. Okay. Some people have their direction in order: Priscilla Levac, for one, is a cool chick taking numbers. Pierre and Justin from NeoProto are also doing it-you don’t have to be a pro rider, you just have to be something. Take note.

Anyway, the only thing more useless than a dude with an ice pack and a bamboo curtain rod for a cane is living like you’ve got kankles when you ain’t. Drop once for me.

Kurt Hoy

A moment, please. We’re proud to welcome our newest homey and future destroyer to the world. Seven-point-five-pound Gabe Dresser dropped yesterday. That’s right, read the name again. If he’s anything like his poppa, next-generation park jumps better get a lot bigger (it would be good if livers could also get stronger). Our dysfunctional little SNOWboarding family is all choked up-our first-born child! Congratulations, Kim and Cody!