Progression. Whether it’s novice snowboarders stepping up to take on technical rails, ams testing known limits and destroying themselves, or pros rehabbing critical injuries and returning at twice the ability¿the objective is to advance. Seizing up on the in-run, falling to one’s fears and weaknesses, or coming up short is no longer acceptable from you or from this very publication. Over the course of Winter 2000/2001, a number of riders have supported this forward movement. In the issue you’re holding, consider Keir Dillon’s massive cover-worthy McTwist, Dionne Delesalle’s interview following a blown ACL and MCL, and JP’s eighteen pages of diverse coverage.

Volume 15, Number 1 of TransWorld SNOWboarding serves notice that we’re pressing ahead. The magazine’s quality controls have been reestablished, and the delivery of editorial substance, actual interest, and true-life applications will be represented. The staff is almost completely new, rebuilt of individuals who are dedicated, credible, and respected.

Our progression is being facilitated¿we hope this issue will do the same for you in inciting your own.¿Andy Blumberg