Launch 14.8

I like to watch.

Photography … what can be said that’s even worth saying? Great words can evoke images, but it’s difficult to think of images evoking great words. Maybe it’s because everything starts with an image, from feelings and ideas to memories. We then spend most of our time trying to explain these images to each other. But photography bypasses all that crap. It crosses language and cultural differences, hits you right between the eyes, and sometimes through the heart.I can still remember the first day I saw a print develop in the darkroom tray before my eyes. Not only was it magic, but I’d managed to stop time. There it was in that photo: something that happened in one five-hundredth of a second but was now really happening all the time. I knew it was there, and if I could catch it, stop it, then you could really see it, too. Look at what he or she did, look how we lived. It looks like we’re having a pretty good time; life doesn’t suck. Of course getting the photo isn’t that easy. The photographers on the following pages make it happen through skill, determination, patience, experience, luck, and basically because most of them are social misfits without much of a personal life.Instead of just listing rider and location on the photos in this issue, the photographers have written their own captions. Maybe words or the story behind the photo can add to an image. You be the judge.