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There’re three certain things in life you can depend on: death, taxes, and a “Is there anyone you want to thank?” question in your TransWorld interview. It’s true, in every interview we’ve ever done, we’ve always tried to include that simple question.

You may wonder why we ask it. Is it because we were taught simple manners at an early age and want to show our parents how well we turned out? Or is it ’cause we know the person being interviewed will benefit from mentioning their sponsor(s) in a thank-you list, which translates into cash-cash that can be spent on drinks for the interviewee? Perhaps we think all these pros had to step on hella people to get where they are today and it would be nice if they thanked those “little people” who helped them out? Could it be that we’re all just doing what the previous editor of the magazine did? In any case, the end results are the same-it makes people feel good to be thanked.

Then again, there’s nothing worse than being left off your bro’s thank-you list.-David “And You Thought I Couldn’t Write Something That Pertained To The Magazine” Sypniewski

Shoutouts and thank yous?
Mom, Dad, Tracy, and Eric; Greg Florkowski and his family; Frankie, Tony, Mike, Nick and Patty Jean Bilello; Greg Gallegher, his brother, Bill, and especially Barb Atkin; Bill Stoller; Jeremy Kahn; Tim Weaver; John, Jane, Johnny, and Nate Joosen; Andy Graham; Gary, J.V., and the Outpost; Matt Mulligan; Ned, Sarah, Zoelly, and Weesie Silverman, and Chapter 11 Sports; Chris and Amber Owen and their family; Marcus, Big John, and Nancy Egge; Barrett Christy; Temple, Joe, Cheryl, Matt, and Mike Cummins and Northwest Snowboards; Scott Sisamis and family; Matt Remine, Peter Saari, Mike Olsen, Ken Kelly, Ingrid, Nick Russian, Paul Ferrel, and everyone from Mervin; Dave and Kennedy Lee, Todd Slosser and Joanne; Joey, Ronda, and Snake McGuire; Joe Bebee; Joey Bou-I don’t know how to spell this-ino and his family; Fishpaw and Keith; Matt Whitlock, Paul Whitworth, and Flyin’ Ryan Neptune; Suddy Helszer, Travis Yamada, Dugan, and Sonora; J2, J1, and all the other Js, except Ninja ’cause he didn’t invite me to his wedding; Tim Swart during Airwalk and now at Clive; Trey Cook, Phillip, Ed, and everyone from Wave Rave … even Larry Hart; Steve Van Doren and Vans; Yant, Ruhter, Randy, Haltertop, and Casey; all the women I’ve kissed; Shem Roose; Whitey and Kingpin; Murry Stiple and Gary Pentegrass; Rubin Sanchez; Chris Carnel; Quinn Shields; Jerksen and McAlister; The Evil Sisters Kirsten and Karen; Trevor Graves; Buffalo; Josh Green and Jerome; Barry Dugan; Will Gilmore; Joe D. and Gus; High Cascade Snowboard Camp; Brian Harris; Jerry and R-DU; Dave Seone; Dawger; Dave and Mike Hatchet; Andy and soon-to-be Circe Hetzel; Bas and Zoe; Jason Jesse and family; Consolidated; Jessica and Chew; Todd in Florida; Todd Richards, Lindsy, and the Lozanos; Chad and Andy of Nixon; Wes Makepeace; Karrie for all the Tom Waits tickets; Shelby for hookin’ up my bros; Bryce Kanight; Steve Astephen; Marcus Pulsen; Julie An Christie, who’s the love of my life, and her family; and, of course, anyone I forgot.