Launch 13#5

Hey, this is a great issue; we have a lot of pictures and words.

Is that what you say in the intro to a magazine? Somehow I was elected to keep writing the Launch, but to be honest I'm having problems. If they taught this stuff in school, it must have been on the day I skipped (to go snowboarding). I should write a piece on how I wish I applied myself more in school and how I should've taken advantage of all my opportunities. That would be a lie, though, because I didn't care about being a trained monkey then, and I'm not too happy being one now.

There are only two teachers I remember from high school (which wasn't that long ago), Mr. Radecki who taught Latin, and Mr. Sisin who taught photography. Throughout the “troubles” I may have had, they always seemed to back me, so out of respect, I would try to pay attention to what they had to say (when I did actually show up to class).

When you are translating Latin to English, “et … et” becomes “and … both.” I think–that's the extent of my Latin. Sometimes Mr. Radecki would discuss the student trips to Italy that he would take in the summer and basically explain how not to be an ugly American.

I learned a little about F-stops, ASA (film speed), contrast, and composition from Mr. Sisin. He also informed me that if you don't take the photo, you'd never know what it would look like. I think he taught me that, but photography was right after lunch and Frankie Bilello was in that class with me.

In this issue (that's packed with photos and words) are two features I was involved with, one is supposed to be helpful suggestions on traveling to Europe and the other is about a trip to New Zealand, in which we use a couple of my photos. I'd like to thank Mr. Radeki and Mr. Sisin for those practical lessons they taught. If any of my other past teachers happen to read this, you really must have thought I'd end up in jail.Dave “Unprepared For The 'Real World'” Sypniewski