Last Words: Nate Bozung

Last job you had:

As a barback for two days-I just quit.

Last thing you stole:

A bottle of wine from an art show.

Last time you went to church:


Last movie you watched:


Last time you felt cheated:

Every day I wake up.

Last time you were blown away:

Can’t remember. Some bathroom stall way back when.

Last board graphic idea you had:

Rasta shit.

Last foreign country you visited:


Last thing you broke:

My brain.

Last time you were broke:

Right now.

Last person you went snowboarding with:

Matty Ryan.

Last book you read:


Last time you went skating:

Two days ago-down to get a coffee.

Last 40 you drank:


Last couch you surfed:

Matty’s, last night, up in Hollywood.

Last gift someone gave you:

Some weed.

Last snowboarding video you watched:

BozWreck-raw shit.

Last trick you learned:

More like relearned.

Last party you threw:

At our house, for Dom’s twenty-first birthday.

Last tattoo you wanted to get:

The Tecate symbol.

Last thing you autographed:

My credit card receipt.

Last good advice someone gave you:

Um … well, none of it works anyway. Do your own shit.