Last Words: Kale Stephens

Last snowmobile modification:
HRP lightweight seat.

Last time you were in Japan:
In February of ’05, it was my twelfth time.

Last notch on your belt:
Third-degree yellow brown belt.

Last snowboard you set up:
Endeavor BOD 158.

Last snowboard you broke:
Sims Fakie.

Last meal you cooked:
A Mexican feast.

Last Wildcat:
Empire party in Montreal, October ’06.

Last time you were spooked on your snowboard:
I forget.

Last time it came up that you’re not actually Canadian:
November ’06.

Last person you idolized:
Hugh Heffner.

Last person you wanted to hold under water:
A bouncer in Wanaka, New Zealand.

Last Airhole:
The jersey mesh with antibacterial lining.

Last injury:
I broke my finger on Halloween.

Last radio-controlled car setup:
A Traxxas T-Maxx 2.5R monster truck.

Last video you filmed for:
Whiteout Films’ Wear It Well.

Last time you got robbed:
Years ago, someone stole all my CDs.

Last person you went snowboarding with:
E.C. in N.Z.

Last gift someone gave you:
Five flavors of stinky nuggets.

Last grab:
Mashed potato.

Last mixtape:
Just got Dipset 6.