Last Words: JP Walker

Last time you were recognized in public:
Yesterday at the mall.

Last time you got pulled over:
Leaving the ER with a staph infection. I supposedly pulled out in front of the cop.

Last board-graphic idea you came up with?
I let the artists do their thing. I sign off on it if it looks dope.

Last surf trip you went on:
Los Cabos, Mexico. Solo mission. Got out before the hurricane hit.

Last movie you watched:
The Garden.

Last time you watched Walker, Texas Ranger:
I got the box set, son. Just playin’-Chuck Norris is tight, though.

Last trick you filmed for That:
The last thing I filmed that actually made it into the movie is the last shot in my part-switch frontside 9 mute, Whistler Phantom Gap.

Last wave you filmed for The Benji Project:
Backside at Kandui. Well-overhead day for me, but everyone else was calling it four foot.

Last time you found money:
I found twenty bucks in a pair of my shorts the other day.

Last contest you entered:
X Games two winters ago. How funny is that?

Last sponsor you acquired:
Smith & Wesson.

Last trick you learned:
Could be the five-0 360 out, or maybe the backside barrel …

Last snowboard you bought:
Jeff Brushie 153-old-school.

Last CD you played all the way through:
Damian Marley, Halfway Tree.

Last person to change the game:
Shaun White.

Last snowmobile modification:
Rims, son-nines. Can’t roll the alligator seat with stock wheels.

Last major purchase:
The iced-out Forum medallion was up there.

Last nightmare you had:
It’s too deep for this.

Last time you rode at the rail garden:
I can’t even remember. Definitely too long ago.

Last job:
Delivery-truck driver.

Last resort you rode at:
Bear Mountain-May 1, believe it or not.

Last miserable moment:
Paddling out in Encinitas after a trip to the Mentawais.