Last Words: Danny Kass

Last broken snowboard:

Olympics-three out of four boards.

Last near-death experience:

Driving with the newly licensed Dingo in L.A.

Last off-hill injury:

Brother’s Park in memory of Jeff Anderson-he always beat up on me.

Last on-hill injury:

Mammoth, bottom jump backside rodeo of doom.

Last thing you lost:

Car keys.

Last thing you found:

TransWorld Media offices.

Last time you lied:

I can’t remember. Or was this the last time I lied?

Last meal you cooked:

Barbecue at TPS number-four shoot at Mammoth.

Last time you went back to Jersey:

U.S. Open, and all three of my grandmothers passed in one week.

Last major purchase:

A 2006 diesel Fun Mover R.V. for upcoming tour.

Last song you got stuck in your head:

Rap from Dingo’s Car-Ridin’ Dirty.

Last time you capitalized on your celebrity:

Hopefully today.

Last photo you took:

Sign of Yam Yam’s restaurant in Portland.

Last rumor you heard about yourself:

I quit snowboarding, moved to Portland, and wear tight pants like the Pinski.

Last flight you were on:


Last box you packed:

Ragdoll in Las Vegas wanted drinking gloves.

Last pet you acquired:

My dog Alfira.

Last time you were at Club Fever:

Wu-Tang for Grenade Games.

Last time you skated the Brothers Park:


Last person you called:

Random fans from Ohio.

Last person you text messaged:

Ackrum from Jack’s Garage.

Last trick you learned:

Backside rodeos at Superpark.

Last trick you landed:

Nollie heelflip.

Last trick you couldn’t land:

360 flip.

Last Web site you visited:

RV Trader.

Last article of clothing you purchased:

Socks and underwear.

Last time you bought a lift ticket:

New Zealand, 2004.

Last time you bought tattoos for your whole crew:

Portland, two weeks ago.

Last pin you traded for at the Olympics:

Georgia, the country-it used to be part of the U.S.S.R.