Last Words: Corey Smith

Last tattoo you got:

A switchblade on my forearm.

Last person you hated:

Hating people is exhausting. I don’t hate anyone.

Last time you slept in your car:

Last winter.

Last time you moved:

I’ve lived in the same house for six years. I have the cheapest rent in Portland. I’ll probably die in this house.

Last time you went snowboarding:

A couple weeks ago at Windells snowboard camp.

Last time you went skiing:

Maybe when I was six years old. I don’t really remember it, though.

Last vacation you went on:

My life is kinda one big vacation.

Last person you end-called:

The ex-girlfriend, then I threw my phone out the car window.

Last time you got in a fight:

It’s been years-fighting is for jocks. I love watching jocks fight. It’s hilarious-they’re always best friends afterward.

Last photo you took:

I don’t know, probably a random party photo.

Last time you were inspired:

When I designed my new Stairmaster boards for Capita. And every time I have a cup of coffee and a cigarette in the morning.

Last piece of art you sold:

I just sold a couple paintings; I think maybe “Red State Love Affair” was the last one …

Last piece of art you bought:

I trade art.

Last magazine you read:

Frequency. I like to go to the store and just stand there and read magazines in the aisle.

Last meal you ate:

Eating is cheating. I survive off oxygen alone.

Last flight you were on:

Portland to L.A.-I love L.A.

Last job you had:

Cal’s Pharmacy-it’s a skate shop in Portland.

Last TV show you watched:

No TV, read books.

Last movie you watched:

Rock ‘N’ Roll Circus.

Last book you read:

Scar Tissue, the Anthony Kiedis biography. I’m not that big of a fan, but it was really nuts.

Last time you got ripped off:

Someone stole my Terry Richardson book and some sunglasses from my house last week. I always get ripped off-I’m too nice and people always take advantage of me, especially in business.

Last song that you got stuck in your head:

Every song I write with my band Death Valley.

Last time you played football:

I don’t care for sports.

Last thing you lost:

I lost my wallet two years ago in the snow.

Last thing you found:

When we were looking for my wallet in the snow, we found someone else’s. It was really bizarre.

Last thing you bought:

A Sparks.

Last thing you stole:

I don’t know, I’m horrible at stealing.

Last time you lied:

Sometimes I make shit up just for fun out of boredom. Like I told these people the other day I was an ex-Navy Seal. But I try to never lie vindictively.