Last Words: Aaron Biittner

Last vacation you went on:

It was at home in SLC-sleeping in.

Last thing you bought that you shouldn’t have:

A membership to get into a bar in Salt Lake.

Last time a girl gave you her number:

I forgot to call her … sorry, girl.

Last show you saw:

The Beatnuts.

Last time you got a haircut:

My head got shaved.

Last CD you purchased:

Cam’ron-Killa Season.

Last meal you ate:


Last snowboard you bought:

Forum JP Walker 148.

Last lift ticket you clipped:

I just went to the rail garden instead.

Last book you read:

The 2,548 Best Things Anybody Ever Said by Robert Byrne.

Last time you were stunned:

Today, when I watched Technical Difficulties.

Last house you painted:

Inside MFM’s house when I lived there.

Last time you were mistaken for someone else:

People always think I’m Stevie Bell.

Last time you were over it:

The last time the word “dude” came out of my mouth.

Last person you friend requested on MySpace:

Buddy Nuggets.

Last law you broke:

Criminal mischief charges for hitting a rail.

Last time you passed out:

I puked, too.

Last time you were confused:

Every time I talk to a girl.

Last place you wanted to move to:


Last time you felt cheated:

Every time I fill up my truck.

Last person you wanted to punch in the mouth:

Lazy Shwayne.

Last time you were in the hospital:

I tore my MCL falling off of a snowmobile, going like, five miles per hour.

Last trick you landed:

Blunt stall to fakie.

Last TV show you watched:

Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

Last person who bought you a drink:

Mark Edlund … ’cause I drive him everywhere.

Last time you got kicked out:

South Lake Tahoe when Deadlung threw his drink and hit a dancer in the face.

Last time snowboarding wasn’t fun:

The time I forgot my bindings … but it was still fun.