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The rush of the holiday season (September 18 is Chilean Independence Day) has past, and Andean resorts are well into spring, inching toward the end of another shred season.

September in Chile is the equivalent of North America’s April--it’s generally getting warm and slushy (slush is called papa), but it can still snow. This, of course, was one of the best seasons in memory, in case you didn’t take our advice to drop everything and go. A deep base is making for good backcountry riding and touring--absolutely do not buy a plane ticket without a splitboard in your bag. Speaking of tickets, LAN had late-August fares as low as 800 dollars on the nonstop from L.A. to Santiago ... no-brainer.

Resorts on both sides of the cordillera were in form, from Valle Nevado to Termas de Chillán in Chile, and from Las Leñas to Bariloche, Argentina. The Forum team made the trip, as did the new DC crew. Transworld was all up in the SA, riding powder and researching the April issue’s “Summer Ride Guide. Check it out and plan a trip of your own. Next season gets going around the beginning of June.