Last Call At Loon Mountain

Eastern Boarder shops put on the 10th Annual Last Call Wednesday at Loon Mountain, NH. This event is pretty much the ender for the season in New England and all the boys (and even a few girls) came out to shred their faces off. After the record warm temps for the US Open, followed by 3 inches of rain in the days following, it only made sense that on the day of Last Call, it would be freezing. It was. Loon Mountain was basically a hockey rink as snow fell and winds blasted the course. There was a hefty channel gap, the infamous LMP wallride, a 25-foot quarterpipe (icewall), and also a little jib rhythm section jammed into the hollow of the channel gap. The jib zone saw lots of funny carnage that fired up the crowd and along with brewskis and burgers, there was a lot of Red Bull and plenty of Oakley banners. The kids launching this gap and hitting the quarterpipe are simply f@%king nuts. Begging for death pretty much. Lots of East Coast buzzards were in attendance: Brandon Reis, Cheylone Miller, Chas Guldemond, Greg Maxwell, Forest Bailey, Nick Julius, Chris Carr, Chris Grenier, Shaun Murphy, Jeremy Thompson, Pat Moore, Chris Rotax, Tim Humphries and scores of others who were either chucking or chugging. Quite a show. Oh yeah, it's also a contest:

Men's Results

Channel Gap: Nick Julius (Back 7 rodeo)

Rhythm Section: Dylan Dragotta

Bad Ass Awards: Greg Maxwell, Jack Herald

Quarterpipe: Shane Fortier


1. Shane Fortier

2. Shaun Murphy

3. Jeremy Thompson

Women's Results

1. Mary Rand

2. Kassandra Dolan

3. Laura Rogowski