Lamar, LTD Distributes Helmet With Built-in Speakers

Gen-X Sports Inc. signed an exclusive licensing agreement with the inventor of Solo Sound Technology and we will begin shipping Lamar & LTD branded version of the snow helmet with speakers built inside starting Fall 2002.

The helmet, which is 100% CPSC approved, operates using “ambient” sound allowing the user to wear the helmet, listen to his/her music, and still be able to hear surrounding noises. This eliminates the former problem whereby skaters or cyclists would wear headphones under their helmet, which covered the ears, making surrounding noise impossible to hear. This was not only very dangerous, but also very illegal in most states and provinces.

Now, the user simply plugs in his/her portable CD or MP3 player, using the included patch cord, into the nearly invisible jack at the rear of the helmet. Push play – and you have incredibly clear, “ambient” music coming from inside the helmet. Perfect sound, perfectly legal.

The Lamar & LTD Solo Sound Snowboard helmet also features a durable ABS shell, full EPS foam padding, foam comfort padding, woven nylon retention system, along with front, rear and crown venting.

Available in Sizes S/M & L/XL.