Label Networks Study Shows Shifts in Youth Culture

September 16, 02003--Based on new findings from the freshest and most magnetic youth culture research study to date, the American youth market is in the midst of significant change. Label Networks, Inc., the youth culture marketing intelligence company known for obtaining authentic research from hard-to-reach markets, has released results about 13-25-year-olds that describes what’s really going on in the youth market and why in their 3rd annual North American Youth Culture Study. However, this year, the Study reveals key findings that leave little doubt that the youth market is in the middle of a new matrix being shaped by different influences and attitudes, than in the past.

“Our results are the kind that will challenge past assumptions about this market in general,” says Label Networks’ President, Tom Wallace, “because, while we’re still in the midst of borrowing heavily from the past, patterns are being re-contextualized for the present based on various new sources and ideals. How this is done and why, basically means figuring out what will work in terms of reaching the youth market in ’04.”

Label Networks’ Youth Culture Experts explain this in the North American Youth Culture Study. Results include quantitative charts and graphs, qualitative editorial summaries that explain where things were, where they’re headed, and why, plus an additional 150-page pictorial ethnography of styles, fashion, accessories, even hair, tattoos, piercings, and attitude. Overall, the changing tide is clearly illustrated: For example, females spending power has greatly increased and for a variety of reasons (i.e. part-time jobs). They’ve also moved into so-called male domains such as sports, music downloading and CD burning, technology, and male-inspired fashion. Other changes include sports participation--skateboarding ranks above all other sports in participation levels for males and female–and the desire to learn to surf covers almost half of the North American population. Other revealing facts include changes in spending patterns, communication and the Internet, cell phone usage, and shifting concepts about automotive preferences, i.e., why Mustang’s are the car of choice and by whom, and the impact of customization on youth car culture.

“It takes a combination of things to achieve 3-dimensional results,” explains Kathleen Gasperini, Label Networks’ Vice President. “It takes knowing the market intimately, speaking the vernacular, understanding the cultural vibe, fashion, and music, plus having a way to scientifically capture and process data digitally and remotely. Because we have these things, we can go into the heart of markets--the breeding grounds of change and mainstream America–to conduct face-to-face interviews. And young people trust us because we’re there with them in the heat, rain, city streets.”

The 3rd annual North American Youth Culture Study fields of research include:

o Fashion: Brand Preferences in Clothing and Shoes; Style, Shopping locations, Spending, Why they wear what they wear, Influences in Style

o Sports: Participation, Size of Market, Sports They Want to Learn

o Spending: Spending per Week, Spending per Month–Clothing, Auto, CDs, Cell Phones, Snacks, Games, Savings, Personal Care Products

o Automotive: Make, Model, and Type Preferences, Where they Heard about the Car

o Entertainment and Media: Favorite Magazines, TV Shows, Sports to Watch

o Music: Preferences, Why this is so, Influences in Buying Music, Spending Patterns on Music, Downloading and Burning Habits, Opinions

o Video Gaming: Favorite titles, Why they Play

o Food and Beverages: Food types, Spending on Snacks, What they Drink and Why

o Electronics: Electronics they want to Purchase Next

o Cell Phones: Size of Market, Spending, What their cell phone means to them

o Lifestyle Interests: Free time Interests, Leisure Tiime Activities, Personal Descriptions, Online Preferences

o Influences: Icons/Heroes, Primary influences in Purchasing Decisions, i.e. Friends, Brand, Impulse, Need, Internet, Price

o Advertising: What makes an ad most memorable and why

o Communication: Where and How they Learn about Trends, How they Communicate and Pass On Information to Others

o Future Concerns: Economy, Environment, Relationships, Education, Family, War, Money, Appearance, Happiness, Health, Success, School, Globalization

o Psychodemographics: Characteristic types based on Personality Traits, Opinions, Self-Descriptions, and Motivations

A subscription to the North American Youth Culture Study ’03-04 includes 2, 4-color hardcopies, plus a free electronic file of the 2002 North American Youth Culture Study, a formal consultation about important key findings as they pertain to your business, and a year subscription to Label Networks’ monthly Label Lab Newsletter (a $500-value) detailing latest trends and new opportunities in the marketplace. Cost of the Study subscription is: $5,000. Interested subscribers may also purchase separate, smaller reports from the North American Youth Culture Study based on topic. To inquire, call (310) 745-3005; or email:

About Label Networks:

Label Networks, Inc. is the leading youth culture marketing intelligence and research company covering the most trendsetting subcultures in the world. Label was launched in 2000 to bridge the gap between companies trying to access the youth marketplace and the lack of useful, authentic research about the fast-changing landscape. Label created new methods to gain constantly fresh quantitative and qualitative data about the marketplace accurately and quickly with a combination of remote data-acquisition and analysis systems, and a credible team of Youth Culture Experts. Together, Label measures, reports, and consults with brands, agencies, and media about pinpoint consumer preferences gathered from face-to-face interviews from the heart of opinionated youth environments. Clients: Vans, Salomon, Nike, DC Shoes, Blockbuster, Xbox, Ford, Globe/Gallaz, Levi’s, Braun, Creative Artists Agency, Immortal Entertainment, Warped Tour, Sprite Liquid Mix Tour, Vans Triple Crown Series. Consumer market research studies available: European Youth Culture Study 2003, European Boardsports Retailer Study 2003, North American Youth Culture Study 2002 and 2001; The State of Women in Action Sports 2001-02; Action Sports Profiles: Snowboarding, Surfing, Skateboarding, Wakeboarding, Motocross, BMX; Music: The Power and Influence on the Youth Marketplace; The International Youth Culture Study. Contact: Label Networks, Inc.; 6230-A Wilshire Blvd. #72; Los Angeles, CA 90048; (310) 745-3005;;