Label Networks Offers Questions For China Study

September 21, 02004—With the growing middle class of China’s 1.26 billion people encompassing a spending power of $3.3 trillion, it’s become vital for even the most localized trendsetting brands to understand today’s youth generation in China. Label Networks, Inc., the only global youth culture marketing intelligence and research company, is now offering brands, agencies, and thought-leaders working in global youth culture markets with unique access to the influential 13-24-year-olds marketplace through a limited number of proprietary questions on the first-ever China Teen and Youth Culture Research Study program, being conducted in Beijing, Shanghai, and Hong Kong from November-December, 2004. In addition, discounted pre-order subscriptions to the Study are now available through December 31, 02004.

“Young people in China are undergoing the most dynamic changes in the world, explains Tom Wallace, President of Label Networks. “They are experiencing new influences and adopting new trends and demanding specific brands in mass volume as consumerism flourishes.

“The ripple effects from the sheer heft of their size and economy are shaping global economics, which makes it very important to gain the most authentic metrics with street-level insight about young people’s lifestyles, thoughts, motivations, brand preferences, shopping patterns, technology, communication, among many other things, continues Wallace. “That’s what we’re covering in our China Teen and Youth Culture Research Study.

For businesses that need to measure brand perception, awareness, potential campaign effectiveness, or need specific knowledge about the marketplace, this is the ideal opportunity to gain critical metrics and information by embedding proprietary questions into Label Networks’ research program. Each brand’s proprietary questions are assembled with the assistance of Label’s Youth Culture Experts in order to assure that they are asked in the appropriate language and vernacular of the target audience and integrated properly into the flow of the overall survey. Using Label’s remote digital technology and highly-trained endemic field research teams in China, data will be gathered based on representative sampling through unobtrusive, face-to-face interviews from a variety of places within each city from the socioeconomic class with the most insightful consumer opinions.

Label Networks’ China Teen and Youth Culture Research Study ’04-’05 will offer quantitative results based on statistical science, translated into actionable terms outlining key trends and ideas for applying results in easy to understand qualitative editorial results. Results will be offered by age, gender, and city, as well as from a tri-city perspective in order to understand the waves of transition, inspiration, influences, opinions, and brands in the broader perspective among today’s Asian youth.

Overall, the China Teen and Youth Culture Research Study ’04-’05 is the next phase of Label Networks’ global youth culture marketing intelligence and research program towards measuring the changing demographics, influences, markets, and opportunities through omnibus research studies conducted in North America, Europe, and Japan. Label’s Global Studies provide brands, designers, marketers, advertisers, media, agencies, artists, and scientists with fresh, authentic insights from localized perspectives on a global level which challenge even the most intuitive leaders to think outside of the cultural boundaries that often blind them to big ideas.

For questions and inquiries about proprietary questions on the China Teen and Youth Culture Study, or Global Subscriptions to Label Networks’ European, North American, or Japan Youth Culture Studies, or for information about our custom research services including event research, consulting, and presentations, please contact Kathleen Gasperini or email; or call +310-279-5020.

About Label Networks:

Label Netwworks, Inc. is the only global youth culture marketing intelligence and research company covering the most trendsetting and mainstream subcultures in the world. Label was launched in 2000 to bridge the gap between companies trying to access the youth marketplace and the lack of useful, authentic research about the fast-changing landscape. Label created new methods to gain constantly fresh quantitative and qualitative data about the marketplace accurately and quickly with a combination of remote data-acquisition and analysis systems, and a credible team of global Youth Culture Experts. Together, Label measures, reports, and consults with brands, agencies, and media about pinpoint consumer preferences gathered from face-to-face interviews from the heart of opinionated youth environments. Global Youth Culture Studies include North America, Europe, Japan, and China; Clients: Oakley, Burton, Vans, Braun, Harley-Davidson, LG, American Legacy-The Truth, Footlocker, Tylenol, Siemens, Fox Sports Network, Salomon, Levi’s, Quiksilver Europe, Billabong Europe, DC Shoes, Xbox, Ford, Columbia Sportswear, Wizards of the Coast, Warped Tour, Creative Artists Agency. Contact: Label Networks, Inc., 13323 Washington Blvd., Suite 306, Los Angeles, CA 90066; (001) 310-279-5020;;