Kyle Clancy Signs With BK Sports

Mammoth, Ca. — Kyle Clancy, the rider who is turning heads, has decided to keep things the way they should be and has signed with BK Sports. He feels snowboarding for the fun of it is his priority. When Kyle has to be involved in contract discussions, it changes the way he feels about riding.

“I just want to go out with my friends and ride. Bob knows snowboarding better than most people. He knows my approach, so it just makes sense for him to deal with all the contract stuff. I won’t have all the pressure of these things when I go out and ride. It keeps it way more fun and real; I won’t feel like I have to live up to some gnarly contract every time I buckle in.”

“Kyle represents the direction snowboarding is headed. He can ride anything with power and style, but he doesn’t specialize in any one discipline. Kyle keeps it real with his whole approach and it reminds me of the way snowboarders were back in the 80s,”says Bob Klein, owner of BK Sports.

“He seems to want to ride his best and have as much fun on and off the hill and you just can’t argue with that. That’s how it was when there wasn’t as much money and fame and we all knew we were out there for the love of riding. There are some riders now who want to stick with the roots and I feel an obligation to these guys because they are continuing what we started 20 years ago. I am really psyched to work with Kyle, he is pretty dang cool.”

In addition to Kyle Clancy, BK Sports represents snowboarders Tom Gilles, Danny Kass, Jason Borgstede, Elan Bushell, Brandon Stieg, Matt Shrive, Zach Diamond, Terry Kidwell and Kris Jamieson. Skiers include Brad Holmes, JT Holmes and Vincent Dorion. Mt. Bikers April Lawyer, Colin Bailey and Kirt Voreis are also clients. BK Sports can be reached at 775-787-0134.