Kurt Wastell Joins The Block

March 10, 2004,South Lake Tahoe, CA — Professional Snowboarder Kurt Wastell has joined the THE BLOCK hotel’s partnership team. The BLOCK is a 50 room hotel located in South Lake Tahoe, CA founded by Professional Snowboarder, Marc Frank Montoya and veteran hotelier Liko S. Smith. The hotel has two second story decks, room balconies with exterior music, a rooftop hot tub, free high speed access and wireless terminals as well as complimentary CLIF BARS, “Whoop Ass” energy drinks and Campbell’s “Soup at Hand” for all guests. In room amenities include cordless phones, CD players, DVD/game consoles and coffee makers. It is the world’s first snowboarder hotel which includes 10 Signature rooms by sponsors such as Vivid Video, Transworld Snowboardng Magazine, Flow bindings, Zoo York, Spy Optic, Section Outerwear, MFM, Roxy Clothing, and Jones Soda Co.

“Kurt believes in what we’re doing, he’s stayed at the hotel numerous times along with Chris Coulter and Andreas Wiig and I think it says something about the hotel” says Liko S. Smith, managing partner of THE BLOCK. “The true test for us is to continue to provide an experience that’s relevant for boarders, getting Kurt, one of the legends of the sport, will help us to stay true to Marc’s vision of a place where snowboarders are kings” he adds.

“”Kurt Wastell has been the best friend to me since Day One comin’ into the snowboarding world. He always inspires me to ride strong because he pushes the limit constantly ( I’m not just talkin’ snowboarding either). But seriously doe, he’s another perfect example of the epitome of snowboarding. We love that! It’s only right that he is a part of The Block. We need that Critter’s input on things around here too!” Ha Hah. It’s ON now!! ” says Marc Frank Montoya, the hotels owner and founder.

THE BLOCK partnership philosophy is not only to create -the best snowboarders hotel in the world- but to also be owned primarily by snowboarders. Marc Frank Montoya (majority owner) intentionally structured a partnership whereas hand selected persons are invited to invest and to be able to become members and have a say in the creation of THE BLOCK.

THE BLOCK is located1 block from the Heavenly Gondola in S. Lake Tahoe at 4143 Cedar Avenue, directly adjacent to Harveys/Harrahs Casinos as well as the incoming convention center scheduled for 2005. It is. Reservations can be made by calling 530.544.2936 or online at www.blockattahoe.com or virtualtahoe.com. Email is blockattahoe@aol.com