Follow The Leader


Korn released their third album, Follow The Leader, this past August. Featuring guests such as Ice Cube, Limp Bizkit’s Fred Durst, Cheech Marin, and Tré from the Pharcyde, the thirteen-track record takes the Korn sound to a new level. Mark Woodlief caught up with bassist Fieldy and vocalist Jonathan Davis for some thoughts on the new record.

Jonathan: “Our single “Got The Life” is already getting lots of airplay. I know they radio stations hate playing it, but everybody’s calling in and saying 'I want this,’ and I think that’s awesome.”

Fieldy: “What we did for the new record is take both the first Korn and second Life Is Peachy records, and take all the cool ideas we had on ’em and just stayed on that groove more.”

Jonathan: “We got a little bit darker. I think we intensified everything. The music got heavier; it got more hip-hop influenced. I sing instead of scream more.”

Fieldy: “It’s one of those albums where you have to listen from beginning to end. If I had to pick a favorite track ’cause of bass playing or something, I’d probably pick 'B.B.K.'”

Jonathan: “'Children Of The Korn’ with Ice Cube is like an ode to our fans. Those are our fans, basically, and it’s those kids who have a problem with authority figures. Kids f-king hating authority, any kind of authority figure. Laughs I got a problem with authority figures. I don’t think it’s just kids.”

Fieldy: “We’ll always be in touch with the fans. We always tend to find the things to do. Look at the Family Values tour-it’s a huge tour, but we still managed to make it an intimate thing. There are always ways.”

Jonathan: “I play bagpipes on the new album-I’ve played ’em on every album. I go out on stage and play every night. It just throws people for a loop when I walk out and start playing bagpipes. They’re like, 'It’s over now.'”