Kim Stacey: The shots we couldn’t fit in the mag.

I basically made it a point to hook up and shoot with Kim after hearing about her and seeing her ride in Breck¿so tired of girls who only just graze the lip of the pipe and place in contests, that shit had to change.

Well, it did. But somehow, this girl who seriously goes off and makes most guys¿pro guys¿look dumb had never had a shot in a mag. That’s not to mention that Kim was the FIS (we forgive her) World Pipe Champ in 1999 and she won the Sims World Championships in 2000. Contests aside, I guarantee you’ve seen few riders rip like she does. Where was I going with this? Oh yeah, she’s legit.

Kim and I walked up to the pipe at Stratton just a day after the end of the U.S. Open last March. During the Open the pipe was a zoo, and a dump¿trash all over the place. But by Monday, when took these shots for her Pro-file in the first issue of Snowboard Life, there wasn’t anyone around¿except for a couple stoked-out-of-their-minds dudes from Albany (Go SUNY!).

Tricia Byrnes, who wrote Kim’s Pro-file showed up after a bit, but other than that it was all Kim, pointing it on the catwalk for half the length of the pipe before dropping in and skying. The chick rips.

Bummer was, we only had like an hour before I had to pack up and get to the airport. Can’t change those flights you get on It was such a killer day that, of course, I ended up on my flight in full snowboard gear¿we milked the pipe ’til the very last second (and then I floundered with the directions).

Anyway, after all this, Snowboarding (that other Transworld magazine) pretty much pulled a weak one and did a profile on Kim too¿that came out right at the same time as the one in Snowboard Life. Whatever, same old shit. Better for Kim, I guess. Not like she’s any big secret anymore.

Here’s a couple more shots from that day, hope you like them. You’ll see a lot more of her soon. I think she’s still on the mend from a tweaked knee, but back for sure by the season.