Kevin Jones Glossary of Terms

Aaaahhhhht (said very loud): when J.D. is doing anything bad
Allan: any dog that bugs you or Allan No the original dog
Banana hammock: Speedo
Beni: Egge (introduced by Aaron Vincent)
Bill: good, sick
Bill dance: setting the hook on a fish way too hard
Boa: beer, also see Suds
Chachi: Dave Hatchett
Christchurch: a place in New Zealand
Creedle to stone: any car with a Volcom sticker on it
Demo: defecate
Duff McKagin: really good snow
Dump truck: backside rodeo
Farmer John: missing a fish
Fassy: anything that smells bad (like my feet)
Philbin: not heterosexual
Getting bent: fishing
Gumby: deodorant stick (Old Spice)
Guyed: when somebody calls you a guy¿”Hey guy! What’s up, guy?”
Joey: someone who isn’t nice
KLX Alley: anywhere you can ride your motorcycle
Lt. Guido Carluchi: big fish
Luxury: good sleeping
Mission Impoachable: fishing when it is illegal
The Mitt: ice chest¿half water, half ice
Old Dirty (put your name here): anyone I know
Pan: fart
Pumpkin: really sketchy helicopter
Revin: me Kevin Jones
Ripping lips: fishing
Rubix Pube: Ruben Sanchez
Salaz’s Alley: any secret zone on a video game
Shralp the niz: shredding
The Skunk: the gray patch on my hand
South Shore birthday: when someone gets beat up
Spike: Mike Hatchett
Suds: beer, also see Boa
Tax: first act of reproduction
Thin Lizzy: when there’s not enough snow
Tipper Gore: riding a snowmobile on one ski
Tito: bail
The Ziz: secret fishing spot in eastern Oregon