Kendall Whelpton

DOB: July 30, 1976

Born: Scottsville, New York

Lives: Breckenridge, Colorado

Sponsors: Fresh Jive, Thirty-Two boots, Copper Mountain, Arnette

Kendall is a monkey flipper extrodinaire. He is a long receiving member of the Rosenthal kick-down plan although his talents have recently grabbed him his own batch of sponsors. Kendall can usually be found perfecting cutting-edge moves with fellow shred technician Chad Otterstrom, coaching at High Cascade in the summer, or delivering pies for Pizza Hut in 30 minutes or less. Hanging out with his girlfriend, and eating nasty fast food are also high on Kendall’s list. I know Kendall would like to take this opportunity to thank his parents and sponsors, and me for writing this Check Out-which will hopefully make his dream of forever ending his pizza-boy days a reality.