Kelly Clark four-peats X Games Gold in Women’s halfpipe during X Games 2014


Photos: Chris Wellhausen

The pipe was solid, the air was cold, and it was the ladies turn under the lights during X Games 2014. People came out in hoards to check out women’s halfpipe, and the international field of ladies did not want to disappoint. Did they? Of course not. The contest was heated as always.

Some highlights of the night include Arielle Gold‘s riding as she gets visibly better every event. She got two scores both of 91. While she only missed the podium and ended up in fourth place, she was cool to watch. Another highlight was that this event was Gretchen Bleiler‘s  final X Games. That’s a pretty big deal. Gretchen has been competing in the X Games for years, but now she has decided to put down the bib and pick up the pow board, and hell, we can’t really blame her.

The top three girls of the night were Kaitlyn Farrington, Chloe Kim, and Kelly Clark. Kaitlyn Farrington has the most unique line in the pipe out of the field, and it’s cool that she gets rewarded for her. Her run includes a backside 900, and ally-oop 540, and a cab 720. Pretty sick. She ended up in third place. In second place we had 13 year old Chole Kim. To be able to do something so well, and be so young must be a trip. Chole had the biggest smile on her face all night, and rightfully so, she was boosting! It’s going to be crazy how good she’s going to be in a few years, she took second, giving Kelly Clark a four-peat at X Games. Kelly’s on a role right now. She’s the most winning-est snowboarder in the history of the sport, and there’s a reason. She knows what she has to do to win, and she goes out there does just that, every single time.

Kelly Clark. PHOTO: Chris Wellhausen.

Full Results here:

1 Kelly Clark R95.00 R57.66 R63.33 95.00
2 Chloe Kim R93.00 R13.00 R94.33 94.33
3 Kaitlyn Farrington R88.00 R80.66 R94.00 94.00
4 Arielle Gold R76.66 R91.00 R91.00 91.00
5 Queralt Castellet R7.00 R89.33 R90.00 90.00
6 Gretchen Bleiler R63.66 R82.33 R85.00 85.00
7 Sophie Rodriguez R72.66 R73.66 R22.33 73.66
8 Elena Hight R4.33 R35.00 R34.00 35.00

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