Keep Winter Cool

Shred with a cleaner and greener conscience this season.

As any shred will attest, winter ain’t as cool as it used to be. We’re not talking cool in the parlance of the bro, but cool as in cold, as in measured in degrees. The globe is getting warmer, and as snowboarders, we’ve probably been aware of this warming trend more than most. For us powder hounds, foggy memories of what winters past were like serve as the most obvious and easily trusted evidence of our planet’s changing climate. Winter just seemed so much gnarlier back in the day, right?
Well, with global warming such a hot issue right now (apologies for the pun), there’s more and more science to support all those suspicions about the weirdness of winter weather as of late.
Dig the statistics: According to the National Defense Resource Council (NRDC), the ten hottest years on record have occurred in the last ten years. And what’s more, research shows that snow accumulation has declined by 60 percent since the early 1950s.
And as snowboarders, we are all complicit. We drive big, emission-spewing rigs to the mountains, and we shred at resorts that rely on all kinds of combustion engines and inordinate amounts of electricity to operate-we are part of the problem. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t also be part of the solution. And we should be, as we’ve all got a vested interest in preserving the pow. Consider this your call to arms. It’s time to fight for what you love. Report to and learn how you can help. Keep Winter Cool is a partnership between NRDC and the National Ski Areas Association (NSAA) to increase awareness and public understanding of global warming, while also offering some practical ways we can all help solve the problems it presents. The Web site offers all kinds of answers to oft-asked questions about global warming, the effect on the Earth, how it threatens our winter wonderlands, which resorts are doing what to lessen their impact on the environment, and most important, some suggestions as to how we can help to slow the steady warming of the Earth.
“The whole point is to raise visibility of the issue,” said Geraldine Link of the NSAA. They’re doing so with all the multimedia means available. The organization even released a DVD featuring a host of pros (Jeremy Jones, Romain DeMarchi, Dave Downing, and Ross Powers) who’ve signed on as supporters of the campaign. “I think the riders raise the profile of the discussion,” Link said. “People know how passionate they are about the winter and winter sports, and we hope that will inspire others.”
The snowball is a-rollin’. And all that’s left is for you to do your part and involve yourself in the effort to help sustain our planet’s winter weather patterns.-Liam Gallagher

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(Winter just seemed so much gnarlier back in the day, right?)