Keep Chile Stoned

The trifecta of trips keeping things as true to this as possible. Thanks to everybody for the good times and remember to always Keep Chile Stoned!
The epic Costal cruiser sleeping under the glow of Pichilemu.
How about this for the most epic location for a bowl? Pat finishes off the day in a small slice of concrete paradise. You can get a quick feel for how long some of the lines are breaking in the background. This spot is called Hotel Alaia… truly epic place to stay right at Punta De Lobos.
Fresh catch of the day, local skatepark and street bombs in the sleepy fishing town of Pichilemu.
Nothing better than watching your bros rip. Curtis giving Guch a little show.
Uno Mas…Uno Mas!! Curtis and Jake running back to get in on one more wave on our last session before heading home.
Punta de Lobos can get massive… really massive. Billabong XXL big. The locals considered these flat conditions…. But for us it was perfectly fun and playful. Guch is a ripping surfer and it was rad to watch him flow through these long sections.
Some of the rides can be so long its easier to get out and walk back up the point. Guch mid stroll back around for another lap.
Chile is the land of the lefts. Guch was in heaven at Punta de Lobos!
Lines and a lone wolf out at Punta De Lobos.
Parking lot vibes waiting for the wind and tide to change.
This was the neighbor’s ramp. Beachfront ramp built into their deck. The amount of mini ramps and backyard bowls in Pichilemu was crazy. Everybody has a ramp there. Pat was in skate heaven!
Fast forward a couple hours and we were sitting on the deck of our new pad grabbing a bite while checking the surf.
Quick pit stop in Santiago for a Volcom store opening, skate park tour and repacking the board bags. Every skatepark we went to was packed! Rad to see the skate scene alive and well down south.
Last session in the mountains… after a 60 degree day shredding in flannels, sunglasses, no gloves, on brown snow and pond skims the coast was calling our name louder than ever.
Guch getting his inversion therapy in for the day.
Curtis trying out the snow bucket challenge. Try to see how many buckets of snow you can toss with the least amount of snow possible.
Shooting Guch hitting and hiking these windlips with the boys, I couldn’t help but think of a modern day mini Chilean version of a Garden session.
Pat Moore Mr. Planting
Can you tell the guys were ready to start heading to the coast? Snow barrels with Guch & Curtis.
We had an epic mini shred session off the backside of Valle Nevado. Guch stiff arming the Andes.
Smoke and mirrors. Its amazing what a little bit of wind buff and back lighting can do. Curtis cracking a right in the land of the lefts.
Pat is an awesome dude, he has a refreshing perspective on snowboarding always remembering and paying respect to those who came before him. Can’t wait to check out Mr. Plant in October!
Huge thanks to Nico and Chile Volcom crew for the hospitality and good times cruising around Valle Nevado.
Every night everybody pitched in to help make these epic family dinners. The good times were rolling on and off the hill.
After shred après on the mini ramp just above where we were staying.
“If it has nipples you can milk it” – Curtis found some and filled the whole bucket.
Party ramp – Pat leads the charge while Curtis and Guch fly down hot on his tail.
It was epic having Bryan Iguchi along. His presence and knowledge in the mountains is like no other. Hard to explain how sketchy this line was… he flawlessly weaved in and out of rocks in some seriously thin snow.
Pat and Curtis getting dropped off for another lap.
Curtis looming out of the Shadows, trying to steer clear of lurking sharks.
Leave it to Guch to find the best snow in the zone. Petting the Chilean dog.
Jake Price making magic hanging out of the heli, the master mind behind the new Volcom movie, Mr. Plant.
This is probably the best snow in the entire region on this particular day, the boys tripled up for a party run.
These zone were so rad… I can’t image the possibilities on a normal snow year.
Curtis Ciszek stacked high in the Andes.
Curtis is always a constant source of laughs. Everybody was joking about how these were the scariest mellowest lines of their lives.
Despite the low snow levels and lurking “sharks” Pat Moore found a few fresh turns.
Due the high elevation and tight toe–ins the heli had to be as lite as possible. Pat got the whole backseat to himself… what a lucky dude.
After searching every nook and cranny for fresh snow and stable lines we found a zone that looked fun and reminded everybody of a Chilean version of “the books” in Valdez, Alaska.
The wild ride into the zone. Our pilot the “General” had everybody screaming like little girls with his nose dives and banked turns through the high valleys. By far the best pilot any of us had every flown with.
This was a first for everybody. Plastic bags over your boots to cross the mud pit in order to load the heli.
Front yard heli parking.
Epic Sunsets are like clock work down there. Everybody looks forward each nightly show.
Team huddle. We were lucky enough to have Clark Fyanns & Jesse Weeks as our guides making sure we knew exactly what we were dealing with. Here Clark was showing photos of a massive skier triggered avalanche a few days prior. They had skied the same slope 10 times and the 11th the whole face went. We were dealing with a low probability, high consequence scenario.
Guch opting for a quick skate session at the neighbors while the tide drops.
Chilean big wave surfer Diego Medina dialed us out with a cozy little surf casa on his property. If your ever down that way look him up for a great rates and epic spot walking distance to the surf.
Guch was really glowing during escudo hour at Blue Tambo ramp in Farellones. Full on high altitude skate session at 10,000ft. Side note… This is Manuel Diaz’s backyard…. literally.
Who better to start things off than Bryan Iguchi laying down a smooth warm up run.
The General giving the boys a very picturesque landing on the top of their first lines.
The resort of La Parva catching a subtle evening glow. This gives a good perspective of the type of conditions we were dealing with. All those dirt spots should be white especially since it was mid winter similar to our February in North America.

Photos: Andrew Miller
Words & Captions: Bryan Iguchi, Pat Moore, Jake Price & Andrew Miller

Chile is by far one of my most favorite places in the world.  I don't know if it's my family heritage, or the local hospitality, delicious food or unworldly landscapes of the Andes, it always feels right…. like I'm at home or something.  We knew going into the trip that the conditions where going to be tricky. The reality set in when we arrived to a higher dirt ratio then snow, on top of some of biggest human triggered avalanches our guide Clark Fyans had ever seen in the region.  I give tons of credit to the whole crew for staying positive and keeping the good times and escudo rolling.  As Curtis said best, "If it has nipples you can milk it" and that's just what we did. You know you had an awesome trip when you come back with just as many skate and surf images as snow.  – Andrew Miller

Team huddle. We were lucky enough to have Clark Fyans & Jesse Weeks as our guides making sure we knew exactly what we were dealing with. PHOTO: Andrew Miller

“Foreign feelings…
I had a really hard time getting my stance dialed in… My snowboard is feeling as foreign as the language on the menu as we place our food order at the slope side restaurant. I've changed my stance at least once a day trying to make it feel right. I don't speak Spanish… as a matter of fact no one in our group does as Jake, Pat and Curtis continue to receive bowls of mussels and shellfish. They thought they ordered noodles? lost in translation… Snowboarding in August.
A mighty range rises out of the dessert. The Andes mountains vast alpine terrain tower above the city. Accessed by eucalyptus lined valleys and endless switchbacks wrapping around cactus thousands of feet into the sky. Open one way on weekends up and down the narrow winding roads as the curves allow only one car at a time. Family weekend slope side BBQ sledding, local snow culture, kids and good times…
It feels like Southern California meets Alaska an amazingly powerful combination.
A thin snow pack with a deep slab instability, we had to pick lines carefully to avoid hitting rocks and triggering Avalanches… we needed to show restraint and ride with caution, it was tough to make things happen but some how it all came together…
Riding mountains, mini ramps, concrete bowls and waves… High altitude mini ramp skating, 10,000ft at Valle Nevado. Concrete mongrel chasing in Santiago finding family filled skateparks with harsh transition, tears were shed. Colorful houses and smiling people under the grey coastal skies, cold water, black sand beaches and left hand point breaks. What’s lost in translation is found in boarding. Leaving with stitches, bruises, and content after a good old fashion shred trip. ” – Bryan Iguchi


" I LOVE CHILE!!!!!!!" – Curtis Ciszek

Due the high elevation and tight toe–ins the heli had to be as lite as possible. Pat got the whole backseat to himself… what a lucky dude. PHOTO: Andrew Miller

“Chile is such a sick place, you can literally shred pow, surf good waves, and skate good parks in the same day. Although we didn’t get the epic conditions we were hoping for on the mountain we were still “frothing” as the kids say. Snowboarding all day, rushing back to change so we could skate each night, and when we saw the snow wasn’t getting better we booked it straight for the coast to get in the water… Buckets brah! I had a great time getting stuck on the inside watching Guch and Curtis rip, although I was disappointed Curt dog did not attempt the Mctwist I requested… pussy. At the end of the day you send our crew anywhere and we’re going to have fun, but Chile really made this trip what it was. What a sick opportunity to see a country truly built to shred, to meet locals so accommodating and real, they treat you as their own, and to do it with this group of buzzards so down for anything, it was a trip for the books!” – Pat Moore

Jake Price making magic hanging out of the heli, the master mind behind the new Volcom movie, Mr. Plant. PHOTO: Andrew Miller

“Ah, Summer, glistening of the sun, the beach, barking trucks, babes in bikinis, waves, & powder. Yes, you heard me right.  pow.  To make this dream possibility a reality, you have to jet down to the Southern Hemisphere. Arriving in Santiago with the best crew of triple threats I can think of.  Everyone had the necessities for all true to this activities, snowboarding, surfing, & skating.

Upon hearing from multiple contacts that there was no snow, we knew if we just showed up, we could make something happen and at the very least have the best time ever finishing up our film Mr. Plant.  This crew is down for anything and getting lost is encouraged.

After a few days ripping dirty snow, waking up the knees at Valle Nevado, we jumped in the Heli with master guide Clark Fyans. Clark got us to the right spot & everyone made the magic happen.  Filming from the Heli is unlike anything else in this field. Hanging with your feet out the side door while the pilot is whipping around the sharp ridges & cold air.  Looking through the viewfinder capturing the ridiculous action the snowboarders are bravely throwing on the line, we got gold. The plant is flowering.

From the mountains to navigating the foreign landscape through Santiago. We skated our way to Punta de Lobos on the Chilean Coastline.  I’d highly recommend doing a google image search for this wave. It’s considered the most consistent & longest left point break in South America.  Bryan Iguchi the only goofy footer of the group looked as though he was on a treadmill of waves.  He hit the start button and flew top to bottom for some rides that had to last at least a solid minute.  The outside sets kept us on our toes & everyone had a blast.  Even Pat the least experienced surfer grabbed rail and got tubed on his banana soft top.

When traveling, try to be open to whatever wrench is thrown into your spokes.  Listening to your gut & getting off course sets you up for some of the best times and memories of your life.  With the few days we had good snow, it opened up possibilities for some of the best reasons why we do what we do. Get barreled in the circumstances.”  – JAKE PRICE

Check out the Mr. Plant teaser here!