KD Sports Merges With Raichle

KD Sports Merges With Raichle

Snowboard boot program unaffected.

Kneissl Dachstein Sportartikel AG of Vienna has merged its two operations, Raichle Molitor USA and KD Sports in the United States. KD Sports is the U.S. distributor of Kneissl Skis and Dachstein Ski and hiking boots. RMUSA is the U.S. distributor for Dee Luxe Snowboard boots, Raichle ski, and hiking boots.

According to Peter Martini, executive vice president/general manager of RMUSA, “The merger has no effect on the snowboard products. There's a totally separate snowboard force out there selling the boots.”

The merger was announced by Dr. Erhard F. Grossnig, CEO of Kneissl Dachstein AG and Guenther Jochl, president of KD Sports. “This merger, which is taking place under friendly terms and mutual agreement, will give RMUSA a larger base to operate from,” says Grossnig. “The brands will be marketed separately, but the combined administration, warehousing, and shipping will provide the synergy necessary to strengthen the entire operation.”

Guenther Jochl has also been elected a director of RMUSA. He will remain in North Carolina running Sugar Mountain Ski Resort, which he owns.

All orders, shipping, and customer service will continue to be handled by the current KD Sports staff until the move to RMUSA in the spring.

“Our goal is to make a smooth transition to RMUSA, at the least disruptive time of the buy-sell cycle,” added Jochl.

-Aaron Checkwood