Kanes Forms The Lab Design Firm

San Diego, CA—September 1, 2002—The L.A.B. Inc., a new San Diego-based design firm specializing in Industrial Design and Product Development, creates solutions for the action-sports industry.

Founded by Jason Kanes, who has been involved in the snow-sports industry for over 14 years, The L.A.B. Inc. combines industrial-design expertise, mechanical engineering, and product-design strategies to create products and refine production techniques. In addition to pioneering the Thermal/Ride Snowboard factory, Kanes organized from inception the Joyride snowboard manufacturing factory and developed snowboard designs for 5150, Joyride, and most recently, Forum snowboards.

The L.A.B. Inc.’s staff consists of experts in the mechanical-engineering, injection-molding, industrial-design, manufacturing, and quality-assurance fields. This talented and experienced collective, create and develop design concepts and specifications to optimize function, value, and appearance of products, as well as systems that benefit everyone from the client and manufacturer, to the end user. With access to factories all over the world, The L.A.B is sure to meet your global needs.

Let The L.A.B. take your preliminary ideas and design concepts to a new level, leading you through the development process—from concept to production.

For more information, please contact Jason Kanes at (760) 721-1616 office, (760) 505-7791 cell, or thel.a.b.@earthlink.com.