(Vashon Island, WA) ¿ At the season kick-off of summer snowboarding, K2 snowboards will proudly unveil a few new faces. Arriving in Garmisch, Germany on May 28th, 2000, for the GAP 1328 Summer Camp, K2 Snowboards will present new professional team riders Wille Luoma, Bobby Meeks, and Louie Fountain.

As the first rider to willfully leave the famed Forum 8 snowboarding team, Wille Luoma brings an arsenal of tricks and smooth Finnish style to the K2 program. His recent coverage speaks for itself as he has achieved amazing parts in Mack Dawg Productions latest movies, major magazine interviews, and mass coverage through a matrix of multi-media worldwide. With his unbelievable talent, and mellow, approachable demeanor, it’s no surprise that Wille’s fans span the realm of our snow filled earth.

When it comes to skate influenced snowboarding and pure style, nobody does it better than Bobby Meeks. After a brief leave of absence from the snowboarding scene because of injuries, Bobby’s back with a vengeance. His much anticipated part in the upcoming Standard Films movie “TB9” will be a crowd pleaser for all who love well rounded snowboarding. From nollie backside lipslides down 17 stair handrails, to popping off 30 foot cliffs, to front flip step ups, Bobby has the moves, and makes them look good. Hopefully we’ll even see some footage from his “part time” job…falling on fire from 90 feet up into an eight-foot pool of water at Six Flags.

Louie Fountain has been absolutely destroying shit lately and there really isn’t any other way to put it. Louie Started on the K2 regional team 5 years ago, and after many seasons of riding and honing his skills, we are proud to announce that this amazing up-and-comer has turned pro. While his main focus his now filming movie parts and gaining magazine coverage, he still threw down a 2nd Place finish in the Vegetate 2000 Halfpipe contest, and remains a silent threat at any big air event. For anyone headed to Mt. Hood this summer, be sure to catch Louie rippin’ on snow or off…his freestyle bike and skateboard skills aren’t too shabby either.

Rounding out the top tier freestyle team for K2 alongside Wille, Bobby, and Louie is none other than everyone’s favorite snowboarder from Texas, and master of the customized-size medium-white T-shirt, Travis Parker. Travis really stepped up last year with super technical snowboarding, an intriguing personality that made people laugh, and ended up in the number one spot on Transworld Business’ coverage meter.

As far as taking the combination of freestyle snowboarding and freeriding to the next level is concerned, Chris Engelsman stands at the top of an elite circle of riders. His massive amount of print coverage last year was just one reconfirmation of E-trees status of a star in our sport. With moves recently documented such as a switch backside 3 over the huge evergreen gap at Brighton Utah, Engelsman will without a doubt provide many more amazing photos in the mags to come.

Any time an athlete is honored by international media it’s a good thing. This year when Snowboarder Magazine honored Brian Savard as the years 3rd best rider, it was a great thing. Great in the fact that Brian’s amazing all around snowboarding ability, and status as one of the world’s best big mountain riders, was honored alongside a top ten dominated by hardcore freestylers. Great in the fact that someone who continually pushes the limits of what’s possible finally got some of the props that he deserves. Great in the fact that Brian used a little of that appreciation as motivation to excel even farther this year. He has been riding really strong this season, and has gone on some incredible trips, so look out for some mind blowing video parts and photos from the Canadian Champ.

Representin’ K2 on the European scene is the long time K2 team rider and all around ripper Marco Lutz. Marco has had a great year filming his own movie, as well as riding foor others, and continues to be a great presence on the international scene.

From her X-games medals to days shredding endless Utah pow, Tina Dixon keeps flying the flag for all the girls and guys out there who love her smooth style. Tina is in Southern California right now soaking up the sun and getting ready for the summer shred season up at Mt. Hood.

Standing on deck for K2 is an impressive list of Amateur riders, and their hunger to live the dream is very apparent. From Canada we have Big Air wonder boy Marc Andre Tarte, and “the pink panther” Jonas Guinn. With a 3rd place big air finish at the Sims World Snowboarding Championships, a 2nd place big air finish at the Vans Triple Crown in Tahoe, a 1st place at the Board Room Slopestyle, and a 1st place at the Snowboard Canada Jam Tour, Marc Tarte is staking his claim at the top of Big Air podiums on a regular basis. Jonas, on the other hand, would definitely be more known for his continually crazy antics, only one of which being his lifetime ban violation from Stratton Mt. VT while poaching the US Open Big Air contest…during the National Anthem…in a Pink Panther suit…doing a cab rodeo 7. In Washington John Laing is keeping the dream alive, riding strong, and in Scandinavia we’re keeping our eyes on Ile Eronen, and Pekka Valli.