Marketing representative Luke Edgar claims it doesn’t take much of an IQ to figure out why K2 launched its new line QI. “We just took an old formula and added a twist to it,” he says.

“K2 appeals to a wide market, but we saw the need for something more underground, more ‘core,” says Edgar. “We couldn’t sell in certain areas because the ski shop had exclusive rights to the K2 name or snowboard shops wouldn’t carry K2 because of the ski-line association.”

QI is a brighter and bolder line with attention-grabbing graphics. And instead of making a price-point board, this is a high-end line that will only be sold in board shops or shops with a separate snowboard area. Edgar explains, “This was a way for us to expand more in the snowboard market without building someone else’s boards.”

There are four boards in the line, ranging from 140 to 159 in size. For more information about QI call 1-800-972-4038.