It was announced today, September 2, 1999, that Rob Morrow has decided to continue working with the brand and its new owner K2, Inc. Morrow was the founder of Morrow Snowboards and continues to be one of the luminaries of the snowboarding world. Not only does he have keen insights into the manufacturing and marketing of snowboards, but he can still ride like hell, placing first in the Mt Baker slalom last year-beating some of his own team riders.

We called Sales Manager Greg Hughes and asked him about Rob Morrow rejoining the team, and what effect he’ll have on the brand.

You’ve just hired Rob Morrow to continue working on the Morrow Snowboards brand. What will his role be?

He’ll be one of our main spokespeople and an important consultant when we’re designing the board line-and with all our snowboard products for that matter. He’ll be out there visiting shops and riding. We’re actually giving him a photo incentive. He still rides a bunch-probably more than ever now that he’s up in Whistler.

What attributes will his involvement maintain in the Morrow brand, and what will he also give K2 that wasn’t there before?

It’s important for people in the industry and especially the retailers to know that Rob is still a part of it. He was the founder of Morrow and his philosophy is an important part of the brand and its direction. Hey, it’s his name on all the boards. It’s important to the industry-especially at this stage of the game-to see that a visionary like him in involved with the brand. Plus, Rob is a fun guy-he’ll certainly help me enjoy my job a lot more.

What he brings to K2 is the clear sign that sure, they bought the brand, but they’ve also taken a big step to keep the people who made the brand involved with its future direction.