K2 Adds Marketing, Sales Staff

K2 Snowboarding is proud to welcome 2 new members to the family. RichardMerz is coming on as the Image and Design Manager. Charlie Kiesa joins thesales crew as the new Mid Atlantic rep.

Richard will be heading up all aspects of K2 Snowboarding’s brand image andcreative development. He has several years of design and marketingexperience in the action sports industry. Previous to K2 Snowboarding,Richard was Art Director for the Morrow, Liquid, and 5150 snowboard brandsas well as Art Director for O’Brien Wakeboards. “Richard’s knowledge,experience and passion for snowboarding are going to be a huge asset goingforward. The marketing team is now stronger than ever, so look for somegreat things to come out of K2 Snowboarding in the very near future.” saysBrand Director Scott Mavis.

Charlie is the new Mid Atlantic sales rep, servicing NY, NJ, PA, MD, and VA.Charlie has been hitting the road for several years, repping and servicingsnowboard, surf, and skateboard lines including Santa Cruz, Northwave,Drake, Planet Earth, and Adio. Prior to repping, Charlie was the managerand buyer at Boarder King snowboard shop in New York. “I am stoked onCharlie’s background, and think his road time and his action sportsbackground in addition to his retail experience will give him some greatinsight into working with our K2 snowboarding dealers. Charlie is going tobe a great addition to our already strong and talented K2 Snowboarding salesteam,” says Sales Director Chuck Mason. A ripper on his board, Charlie willbe fitting in as many days on the hill as he can when the season is on.His contact info is:

Charlie Kiesa
33 Lafayette Ave
Seaside Park, NJ 08752

Welcome and Congrats go out to Richard and Charlie! K2 Snowboarding is a leading manufacturer of snowboarding equipment andapparel, based in Vashon, WA. K2 has been building and innovatingsnowboards since 1987. Check out their latest gear atwww.k2snowboarding.com.