Justin Hebbel Joins Ride’s Pro Team

Vashon, WA (September 19, 2003) — Ride Snowboards is very pleased to announce that Justin Hebbel has recently joined the ranks of the Ride Pro Team! Justin has proved himself time and time again as one of the top standouts on Ride’s Am Team, which you can see for yourself in F.O.D.T.’s latest production “Livin’ Proof.” “Besides, if I have one more person ask me why Hebbel isn’t on the Pro Team, I’m going to lose my mind!” says Team Manager Matt Sickels. The team is pumped on Hebbel’s strengths in the backcountry, as well as on rails, which makes for a perfect addition to Ride’s already diverse Pro Team. “It has become increasingly harder for me to distinguish our Am Team from the Pro Team this season, Justin being the perfect example,” continues Sickels. With that said, Hebbel is in every way a professional and you can be sure to see more of him in the near future and for a long time to come.

“I am way stoked to be a part of the Ride Pro Team. To now be on the same team with guys like Mikey LeBlanc … he has been one of my idols for a long time — it’s a big deal for me! Everyone on the team is tight and does their own thing. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. Plus, now I can bust Sickels’ balls even more than before! What could be better?” says Hebbel.

Here’s what a few of his teammates had to say…

Mikey LeBlanc: “It’s about f—king time!”

Priscilla Levac: “I’m super happy for Justin. He deserves to be Pro. He’s the nicest guy and that laugh of his … he’s so funny!”

Chris Demolski: “Yo, dude, that guy’s style is so fat! And when I say fat I mean it like how fat people say it!”

Ali Goulet: “He’ll be washed in a week.”

Congratulations, Justin, from everyone at Ride — we look forward to many more years together!# # #