Jussi Oksanen for Red Bull Ultra Natural wildcard

Juicebox has been pushing the progression of snowboarding for even more than the 16 years he's been pro and done so with the sickest style. Combine all his contest experience with the time he's logged filming video part enders in the Whistler backcountry and it was pretty easy to pick Jussi Oksanen for our Ultra Natural wildcard spot.

TransWorld SNOWboarding would like to thank Travis Rice and Red Bull for allowing us to pick one of the coveted Ultra Natural spots.

The wildcard pick for Baldface Lodge goes to Terje Haakonsen and the pick for Snowboarder goes to Bryan Fox. Read the full story behind the picks here: snowboarding.transworld.net/1000196511/news/final-three-wildcards-announced-for-red-bull-ultra-natural/

Jussi’s part in Burton‘s 13, which just won Video Of The Year at the 14th Annual Riders’ Poll Awards.


How does it feel to be the TransWorld pick for Ultra Natural?

I really appreciate it. It's an honor to be nominated. I saw last year's event and it was incredible so I'm really excited and looking forward to going. It looks like good times, really. I'm stoked to go. I've never been to Baldface either.

What do you think of the course?

I've been watching it on TV and it looks fun as hell. But I know once you get there it's probably a lot more intimidating. Especially when you see the guys jump off and they go like, 100 miles per hour afterward. You're like, "Holy shit," that's pretty steep. It's not the terrain that I'm used to riding. I mean, I ride backcountry stuff but it's mostly jumping, so it's kind of exciting to do something different. It looks like they opened up the course a bit so it will be a little more rider friendly this year.

Any plan of attack from what you’ve seen of the course so far?

To me it seems like if you go more diagonal you can maximize the course and go a little slower, rather than just pointing it down the fallline. But it's so hard to tell before you really see what the terrain is like in person. I'll just go and come up with the plan there I guess.

Red Bull Ultra Natural 03_Jussi_Oksanen_wildcard pick Photo Scott_Serfas

While the rest of us were still fumbling to put on our pants and brew the morning coffee, Jussi was mid first-try backside seven. Photo: Scott Serfas

Is there anything on the course that you’re really stoked on hitting?

I think it's just if the conditions are good. When do you ever get a chance to ride something like this when its untracked and a dream course. That's what I'm personally looking forward too—having fun. I just want to have a good fun run. And ride some laps at Baldface.

So we have a bet with Snowboarder and Baldface, who are picking the other two wildcards, that the whoever nominated the rider who places lowest has to buy a round of Irish carbombs for the whole Baldface lodge.

[Laughs] So I have some extra pressure now too. You got my back, I'll get your back.

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