Jussi Grznar Talks Pro Photographer Showdown at WSSF : Winning Gallery

2014/2015 winter season in Whistler was one of the lowest seasons on record. The crews were forced to search for new zones further North. Despite the poor conditions it turned out to be a great one as we were able to see places we wouldn’t normally be able to.
I get asked quite often why I like shooting backcountry snowboarding that much. Besides the obvious reasons that I love snowboarding and being up in the mountains it’s this special feeling. Getting up there on a bluebird powder day, with few of your friends and not a single soul around it just doesn’t get better than that.
Sun eclipse it’s a phenomenon that occurs in the atmosphere right before the next snow cycle approaches. You can call it whatever you want to me it’s just another sick photo opportunity ☺
Part of my multiple exposure “Orbis Pictus” series where I would include an extra element into the final image to offer a viewer more complex experience. Art work found in the basement of this abandoned building in the heart of Montreal.
This was one of those days when you keep asking the rider to hit it “one more time” because its just that good.
Filling up a snowmobile the night before while its dumping outside its like kid trying to fall a sleep before the first trip to Disneyland.
They don’t call them full moon crew for nothing ☺
One of the best parts of being a professional snowboard photographer is that we get to ride some amazing terrain from time to time. Now I know why filmer Athan Merrick recommends to shoot “on slope turns” that often ☺
One of the first photographs I’ve ever taken when I thought repelling down a crevasse without proper training and equipment was a good idea.
Serfas said to Rusty this might be the best photo ever taken of you. Considering Scott’s career he definitely knows what he is talking about ☺
This photo represents what snowboarding in Whistler is to me. Shredding deep pow, in the trees on Whistler Blackcomb with your homies. PHOTO: Jussi
Mother Nature frequently dictates our actions in her domain. If you ask nicely, she might just bend the rules for you or keep the lights on past curfew
Sometimes to get an amazing photo you just need a little bit of luck. Here is Adam slashing another track in the most beautiful, unpredictable way.

Jussi Grznar  is a master behind the lens and has captured incredibly inspiring and artful images from around the world. His talent is one we at TransWorld SNOWboarding have been fond of for years, and we're proud to showcase Jussi's images. Recently some of his work was featured in the Patrons of Powder and Full Moon Film stories in print and online. Jussi just earned the highly coveted win at the Pro Photographer Showdown at the World Ski and Snowboard Festival in Whistler.

Scroll through his winning images above, complete with Jussi's own captions, and read on for more from Jussi.

What does it mean to you to win the Pro Photog Showdown?

Winning the Pro Photographer Showdown to me is huge. I've been going to the event for 10 years and its something I always wanted to do.  It didn't matter what assignment or job I was on, getting a photo for the slideshow was always on my mind. 


Have you ever entered this contest before?

I've never entered it before. I got approached by the organizers three years in a row to be part of it. I just didn't feel ready. I am glad I ended up waiting, because last few months have been incredible!

If you had to pick your favorite photo, which one would it be and why?

Hard to choose one as I am strongly emotionally attached to a lot of them. If it really has to be one, it would be the nuclear power plant base jump photo because of the whole story behind it.  

What are your plans to shoot this coming spring and summer season?

To be honest, I haven't really thought about it yet. I am definitely going to take some time off and reconnect with my girl, friends and family. I would also like to go surf somewhere and possibly forget the camera at home :)

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