Junkyard Jams: Mack Dawg takes old-school jibbing to Bear Mountain.

Back in the day, jibbing was pretty much utilizing whatever was lying around. This included everything from shopping carts, picnic tables, and trash cans to cars, stumps, rooftops, rocks, rails, fallen and bent trees, and snowmaking equipment. It seemed a lot more creative and (for lack of a better word) fun back then. Recently the focus of jibbing has been primarily on street handrails and obstacles created specifically for riding on in terrain parks. It has also gotten super serious—and with the consequences and moves being thrown down, rightfully so.

The whole idea of the Junkyard Jibs was to bring back the old-school flavor of jibbing. I had the idea of getting a bunch of rideable junk out on the snow—unique stuff that would look cool on film and also be super fun for the dudes to jib. I talked to the Shakedown crew, and they were into it. Now it was a matter of getting the junk together.

Of course, everyone wanted to have it at a sunny warm place that would understand the concept and be willing to take on the project—i.e., Bear Mountain, California. Marketing Director Genevieve Gunnarson (Gen is now at Northstar-at-Tahoe) got us the green light to make it fly. Snow Park Technology Founder (and Gen’s husband) Gunny Gunnarson located junk with the help of park head Tyrone Coyne. After putting together a list of stuff to gather, we discovered the big problem was transporting everything and getting it out on the snow. Some of the junk was so heavy that we had to wait for the mountain to close for the season because it tore the runs up too badly moving it into position.

When the riders showed up to the site, they were so amazed. The place really did look like a junkyard melting out of a snow bank. It was the first time in years I actually saw someone “bonk” something. The trash can ollie was a nice throwback, too. It was really refreshing to film features that looked so cool and unique. We got the red-carpet treatment, and everyone had a great time riding the junk. It was old school … just like me.—Mike “Mack Dawg” McEntire