Joyride’s team has been is in high gear the last month. March saw the team score a number of high contest placings as well as traveling to a large amount of locales. They have also started their work on video parts and editorial for the 2000-2001 season. No doubt the word is starting to spread about the high level of talent possessed by these young men.

Ali Goulet, the most “senior” member of our staff continues to be one of the most highly respected riders on the scene. Not only did he have a number of top ten finishes in earlier months, we were quite proud to have Snowboarder magazine ranked him the 5th best all around rider for the year. Ali’s bag runs deep and he’s not messin’ around! Ali also got video work in with Rob McConnaughy (Whitey) during the month. Ali competed in the Un-Vailed contest the last weekend of the month, but unfortunately was unable to reclaim his crown from the event. (Ali had won it two years running). Joyride is proud to have two pro models that bear his name for the 2001 season ¿ in 155.5cm and 160.5cm lengths. Ali will be living in Salt Lake City during April.

Aaron Bishop was on fire during March. In addition to a number of top ten finishes, he placed 2nd at the March 11th and 7th at the April 1 Jose Cuervo _ pipe events. Aaron also won the Slopestyle event at Vegetate 2000 held at Mt Hood Meadow, Oregon during March 23-26. Of course, Aaron did compete in the Winter X games. March also saw Aaron filming with Torey Piro for his 2000 video “Hi-FI”. Bish continues to push the limits of progressive riding and will live at Mammoth Mt. during April.

Matt Kass is an enigma in his own right. With a sharp wit to back up his monstrous pipe riding, Matt was crowned the American Snowboard Tour’s (AST’s) half-pipe overall champion during March. Matt also secured a 5th place finish in the _ pipe at Vegetate 2000. Matt traveled quite extensively during the month, visiting Mt Shasta and the Mt Hood areas for an extended period of time. Matt will live at Mammoth Mt during April, but also plans on again traveling. Matt announced his engagement to Ms. Nicole Jackson during March – details for the wedding dates to follow!

Matt Hammer continues to explore the limits of human capabilities with unique and dangerous jib antics. He’s a serious up and comer that you will hear a lot about. Matt placed 2nd at the Chevy Triple Air contest on March 26th at Mountain High, California. Matt has started to do video work with Mike McIntyre (Mac-Dawg) and has also done a good amount of work with Torey Piro. Matt plans on continuing to live in Mammoth Mt. during the month, but traveling to film and shoot.

James Ledford is a relatively unknown kid from Southern California. He’s turning heads wherever he goes with his insane repertoire of rail jibs including 270 combos that will make your jaw drop. Oh yeah, he can also throw down switch b/s 900’s like nobody’s business. James was up in the Northwest during parts of March filming as well as competing. James secured a 5th place finish at Vegetate 2000. Look for him at the Boarding for Breast Cancer event April 16 at Sierra at Tahoe! James is moving to Mammoth for the majority of April.

Chris Nelson is new to the program. He rides for the US National Snowboard Team and competes in world cup (FIS) events. Chris is a serious competitor who manages to go mighty large in the pipe. March saw him competing in the last FIS events of 1999-2000 season year month. Chris travels to an incredible numbers of riding locations in his competitive pursuits. Chris was raised in Mammoth and will mostly be there during April.

Cory Smith is another new addition to the Joyride program. He is a well-known and respected rider, and is known for his over-all riding abilities. Cory will tackle anything thrown at him! Cory filmed with Standard Films (the creators of the TB series videos) throughout March and will continue to do so in April. Cory will rremain close to Salt Lake City during April.

Joyride also promotes a factory team of solid riders such as Dan McCoy, Ty Biddle and Kyle Krumvieda (all of whom had solid top 10 finishes in various events during the month). Contests results being only a small part of a riders resume however, all of our riders are tied to this company by their ability to ride in a progressive manner. Joyride has many other riders who are also doing it for the cause. A full list of our factory and regional team is available by contacting us.

Where to see our team members during April:Sierra at Tahoe, California ¿ Boarding for Breast Cancer (April 15th-18th)Mammoth Mountain, California – All monthBrighton, Utah ¿ till winter closureSnow Summit, California ¿ till winter closure

Moving into our 2nd decade, Joyride continues to offer high end, high performance boards for the discriminating rider. Operated with a family feel and a passion for snowboarding, their will never be room here for Corpo B.S. We are a small company who makes boards for real riders.

Joyride proudly continues our relationship with American Isuzu Motors, Inc. They make some mighty fine sport utility vehicles (but no cars). Look for one of the Isuzu/Joyride vehicle at snow events nationwide. Go further with Isuzu ¿

For your sales assistance, Mr Jason Arnold is heading up the sales and team efforts for North America. He is a long time veteran of this industry, having worked in both retail and in-house sales. Jason is also a passionate snowboarder and a good source of musical knowledge.

North American Sales ¿ Jason Arnold ext 222
International Sales ¿ Ken Greengard ext 223
Sales Support ¿ Chad Williams ext 220

Oh yeah – HAVE FUN RIDING!!!!!!!

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