It’s impossible not to mix business with pleasure when you’re dealing with Stanwood & Partners, the PR firm based in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Stanwood & Partners, along with the product managers of Smith (Eric Carlson), Hard Corps (Scott Fliegelman), Smartwool (Gardner Flanigan), and Camelbak (Sky George), and sponsored athlete Ray Browning representing PowerBar, hosted nine journalists for a three-day outdoor extravaganza at Jackson Hole Resort on March 12-15. Editors Tara Miller (TransWorld SNOWboarding), Keith Carlson (Powder), Bevin Wallace (Skiing), Eric Hagerman (Outside), and Lesley Suppes (Hooked on the Outdoors), and freelance writers Mark North, Billy Miller, Steve Casimiro, and Kristin Carpenter camped out in style at one of the new Granite Ridge five-bedroom homes in Teton Village. For two days they tested out the new product for the 2000/01 season both in and out of bounds, and thoroughly enjoyed every second of it.

On Sunday, March 12, everyone flew in to gather at the luxurious home, get to know one another, and feast on the first of many homemade meals the hired cooks prepared in the world-class kitchen. The beer was flowing and the game room’s air hockey, foosball, and ice hockey tables provided hours of entertainment. For the next two days everyone would wake up together, cruise to the kitchen where an amazing breakfast was prepared, and have a seat in the living room for a little over an hour to listen to the product managers and PR representatives do their thing. And then it was time to play.

Not only is the terrain of Jackson Hole some of the best in the country, but the conditions happened to be exemplary thanks to Mother Nature. Furthermore, the knowledge of the area, provided by both the Stanwood people and the hired guides, was incredible. The camp split into a few different groups on Monday: the die hard backcountry people, the want to learn about the out-of-bounds and transceivers but also become familiar with the mountain people, and the let’s get as many runs in as we can people. Each group consisted of a guide and all the proper equipment for safety and fun. At the end of the day, everyone gathered at the Mangy Moose and then headed back to the house for drinks and appetizers along with a presentation from Jackson Hole Resort. The only thing that could possibly follow was a dip in the Jacuzzi and dinner.

On Tuesday, the majority of the group hiked Teton Pass in the blowing snow to get amazing powder turns, while the rest of us hit Corbet’s Couloir and the Expert Chutes time after time. That evening we all went out for a very nice dinner and many drinks at the Calico.

Most everyone took off early Wednesday morning, except for a few stragglers who couldn’t resist one more day on the mountain. We charged the Headwall along with the rest of the mountain, and ended the day with a hike out to Four Pines for our last out-of-bounds action at Jackson Hole. And it was worth it!

To sum up Camp Stanwood, I have to agree with Chris Denny of Stanwood & Partners when he said, “We don’t f¿k around!” For more information on Stanwood & Partners, or any of their clients, call (307) 733-1514.