Josh Malay Joins Santa Cruz

” We got something to sa-ay, we got a new rider today!” Sing this out loud to the tune of the Misfits famous song “Last Caress” and you?ll feel how stoked we are on the newest addition to Santa Cruz Snowboards. We got a new punker on the team. Colorado’s hottest, latest, is now riding for Santa Cruz Snowboards, Josh Malay, has been taken off the market.

After far to long killing it in a not so quiet way, getting a shot every month in just about every major publication out there. Josh finally has a board sponsor to help him destroy the world for the fun of it. Look out for Josh on his quest for world domination.

If you cant wait that long, go to to learn more about Josh and check out some photo?s that he bagged within a few hours of getting his first boards from SC.

Boy are we happy! Woo woo!

Welcome to the Team Malay!