Josh Feliciano Signs With BK Sports

Josh “Fletch” Feliciano has signed with BK Sports. Josh made a big mark on competitive snowboarding this season with wins at the Sims World Championships Big Air, Vail, Vans Triple Crown Big Air, Snow Summit and Vans Triple Crown Slopestyle, Sierra at Tahoe. At the young age of 17, Josh has a long career in front of him. “I don’t normally chase down riders to sign, but Josh is a bit different,” says Bob Klein, owner of BK Sports. “He is in the 2002 graduating class at North Tahoe High and I am a 1982 graduate of North Tahoe. I have always tried to pay attention to the talent coming out of my alma mater.”

Josh’s attitude fits right in with the BK Sports philosophy that riding has to come first and be fun. When asked why he signed with BK Sports, Josh smiled and said, “Too many friends, not enough signed papers.”

Josh is looking forward to keeping his mind on riding, competing, filming and having the best time doing it all. “A kid like Fletch will really benefit in his career because he had early success. Now he can just focus on everything but getting those papers signed. He can feel confident that he has someone looking out for his best interest on the business side. A lot of the younger kids are hesitant to sign up with an agent and I think Fletch feels comfortable in working with someone who will listen to what he wants,” says Klein. Keep your eye out for Josh Feliciano next season, and no, there is no relation to Jose.

In addition to Josh Feliciano, BK Sports represents snowboarders Tom Gilles, Danny Kass, Kyle Clancy, Jason Borgstede, Elan Bushell, Brandon Stieg, Matt Shrive, Zach Diamond, Terry Kidwell and Kris Jamieson. Skiers include Brad Holmes, JT Holmes and Vincent Dorion. Mt. Bikers April Lawyer, Colin Bailey and Kirt Voreis are also clients. BK Sports can be reached at 775-787-0134.