Jones Wins Nixon Jibfest

SNOW SUMMIT- BIG BEAR, CA- Nixon organized its second annual invitational jib session at Snow Summit on March 27th and 28th, 2001. The two-day session was hosted by Dave Downing, JP Walker and Jeremy Jones. “The whole goal of the JibFest is to create an atmosphere where the riders can come out and session with friends without the b.s. of a contest”, stated Nixon Marketing Director Chad DiNenna. This year’s event picked up where last years left off, and elevated it to that elusive next level. Joining Dave, JP, and Jeremy were Kevin Jones, Todd Richards, Nate Bozung, Scotty Whittlake, Mikey Leblanc, Brian Thien, Bobby Meeks, Mitch Nelson and Jussi Oksaanen.

JP and Dave designed the course with the expert help of Chris “Gunny” Gunnarson of Snowpark Technologies. The course was tucked away in a secret secluded run that was loaded with custom built flat rails, kinked-rails and boxes. The most heavily sessioned obstacles were the “CURVE-A-TRON” a curved rail built into a bank, “MONSTER S” a 40 foot curved “S” rail, and the “MANDATORY RAY-ALL”, a custom built 15 stair hand rail. The custom course and obstacles were designed specifically for The JibFest and many were destroyed afterwards.

“We really wanted to eliminate the “contest” aspect of the event and create an environment where everyone could have fun and throw down” stated co-host Dave Downing. Keeping with the relaxed atmosphere of the event, the riders opted to session each section as a group and move on when they felt ready. A few of the highlights included Kevin Jones’ frontside 450 to boardslide to 270 out on the flat-to-kink rail and Mikey Leblanc’s frontside three over the entire staircase section, but perhaps the biggest trick of the day went down on the “KEY HOLE / GATEWAY” (a huge A-shaped rail that stood 12 feet above the snow with a 10 foot flat section on top). Scotty Whittlake 50-50ed up and then gapped over Mikey, Jeremy and the rest of the crew who were either hanging or laying on top of the rail. The event ended with a photograpeher do-or-die on the now infamous “Wall” where each invited photograher put down their lenses and sessioned the 10ft high wall for status, fame and bragging rights.

By days end, each rider casted a secret vote for who they thought stood out among the rest over the two day period. When all was said and done, Kevin Jones came out as top dog, and took home a new mac-daddy BBQ for his enjoyment. “We are stoked everyone had fun and encouraged to see other companies following our lead and making their own events like The JibFest” stated Jeremy Jones. DiNenna added, “Hopefully, other companies will realize there are alternatives to current contest formats and see The JibFest as an example that works”.