Jones And Ettala Clinch X Games Slopestyle Gold

Slopestyle finals--it was a fine way to wind down the X Games. Ladies, first, of course, and we couldn't wait to see the kicker line throw-downs. Would Jamie go back five to Cab seven? Would Janna stomp the Cab nine? We had to wait and watch like everyone else. Cheryl Maas (who put down a 720 in the elimination round, thereby showing herself a serous podium threat) cased the second jump and came up injured, choosing to sit out her other two finals runs. We hope she's okay! Anyway, the first run saw elimination-round-winner Jamie Anderson on top after a signature stompy run that included front three nose-tap on the "hitching post," backside 180, Cab 540, and a floaty front 360 on the "money booter." Second run was Janna Meyen's time to shine. Frontside 50-50 on the down rail, 50-50 to front boardslide on the kinked rail into backside 540, Cab 720, and .... Yes! Cab 900! But... she slightly under-rotated it, leading to a bit of a sketch and hand drag. So so sick. But due to the sketch, her score landed her in third place.

Last year's defending champ, Jenny Jones, who was riding on an injured knee that was swollen to the "size of a football," chose her third run to handle business with back-to-back 540s (frontside and Cab) and a frontside 720--all sick tricks, made sicker because they they were done back to back like that. When her score popped up, it was the winning one, and although both Jamie and Janna tried again to get the clean progressive runs they were looking for in round three, both sketched once again, leaving Jenny Jones in the top podium spot for another year in a row. Congrats!

Now, on to the men. I cannot tell a lie--I was eating lunch during their first finals run. Since when to X Games events run on time, right? This one did though, probably the only one of the entire week. Ha. But anyway, when I arrived at the bottom of the course, I asked simply, "What happened?" "Everyone landed everything!" people said excitedly. "Except for Halldor," they added. Turns out, the first run was THE run. Eero Ettala landed this: backside 1080 double cork into double-backside rodeo 900 followed up by a switch double back flip--a freeking insane run that he described later with relief as really the best that he could do. Well, not bad, right? This run would remain the highest scoring of the entire day.

Then, X Games newcomer Eric Willet landed back to back double-cork 1080s in a savage fashion for a second place score that stuck for the rest of the afternoon. Chas Guldemond rocked a back rodeo off the cannon feature, then slapped down Cab 10, switch backside 900, and backside 1080 on the kicker line for podium-place number three. Unfortunately, Halldor kept looking for back-to-back double corks, today, but apparently this was not his day to shine. Luckily, he's only 19, which means he has many, many, many more days to get out the landing gear.

For the rest of what went down, watch the video! Thanks. Bye.

Women's Slopestyle Finals

1.         Jenny Jones
2.         Jamie Anderson
3.         Janna Meyen-Weatherby
4.         Kjesti Oestgaard Buaas
5.         Hana Beaman
6.         Cheryl Maas

Men's Slopestyle Finals

1.         Eero Ettala
2.         Eric Willett
3.         Chas Guldemond
4.         Torstein Horgmo
5.         Sage Kotsenburg
6.         Mikkel Bang
7.         Tim Humphreys
8.         Halldor Helgason